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Latest Intel leak features the Intel Arrow Lake and Panther Lake laptop processors

A closer look at what these processors will offer.
Last Updated on June 13, 2024
Intel Lunar Lake
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Intel fans are currently looking forward to the next generation of processors named Arrow Lake and Panther Lake. These new processors are expected to offer significantly better performance compared to the previous generation of processors. Although Intel hasn’t revealed much about these processors yet, especially the laptop versions, there have been leaks and rumors surfacing, giving us an idea of what to expect.

Recently, a new leak popped up about the upcoming Arrow Lake and Panther Lake laptop processors. As spotted by WCCFTech, the leak, which comes directly from nbd.ltd, gives us a closer look at the features of these processors, including their graphics architecture.

Intel Arrow Lake laptop processors

First, we have the Intel Arrow Lake lineup. These CPUs will be branded as ‘Core Ultra 200’ and are expected to utilize a mix of performance (P-Cores) and efficiency (E-Cores) based on the latest Lion Cove and Skymont architectures. They will be divided into four categories: S, HX, H, and U. The S-series processors will be for desktops, while the HX and H-series processors will be used in high-end laptops and performance laptops, respectively. Finally, the U-series will be for low-power designs, so don’t expect anything fancy from them.

According to the leak, performance options will likely range from 2 P-Cores + 6 E-Cores to higher configurations with 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores. The HX series will feature up to 8 P-Cores paired with 16 E-Cores, while the H-series CPUs will have up to 6 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores.

Intel Arrow Lake processors
Intel Arrow Lake processors list (Image via: nbd.ltd)

As far as the graphics architecture is concerned, the Arrow Lake-HX CPUs will come with the Arc Xe-LPG iGPU, something that can also be found in existing CPUs. However, the H-series CPUs will feature the Arc Alchemist Xe-LPG+ graphics architecture with GT2 designs. The U-series CPUs will use the same graphics architecture but with GT1 designs.

Here’s a complete list of processors that have been leaked:

  • Arrow Lake-S 24-Core 8+16 (LGA 1851): 3.6 GHz / 36 MB L3 Cache
  • Arrow Lake-S 14 -Core 6+8 (LGA 1851): 2.8 GHz / 24 MB L3 Cache
  • Arrow Lake-S 6-Core 6+0 (LGA 1851): 2.8 GHz / 18 MB L3 Cache
  • Arrow Lake-HX 16-Core 8+8 (FCBGA): 2.9 GHz / 30 MB L3 Cache
  • Arrow Lake-HX 14-Core 6+8 (FCBGA): 3.0 GHz / 24 MB L3 Cache
  • Arrow Lake-H 14-Core 6+8 (FCBGA): TBD
  • Arrow Lake-U 10-Core 2+8 (FCBGA): TBD

Intel Panther Lake laptop processors

On the other hand, the leak also includes information about the Panther Lake CPUs. However, we don’t have much information about them at the moment, except that they’ll come in UH, UPH, and P categories. Panther Lake will be branded as “Core Ultra 300” and is expected to build upon the foundation laid by Lunar Lake, offering more flexibility in memory configurations. Leaks also suggest a powerful “H” series variant with 12 Xe cores based on Celestial graphics architecture.

At the moment, the Intel Arrow Lake processors are expected to launch in October this year, while Panther Lake will arrive next year. During Computex, MSI also revealed two new motherboards for the upcoming Arrow Lake lineup.

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