Microsoft begins shut down of game streaming platform Mixer

Facebook Gaming to become Twitch's biggest rival?

Microsoft begins shut down of game streaming platform Mixer

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To the surprise of not only the general public but the Mixer partners themselves, Microsoft has made the decision to axe it’s game streaming service Mixer.

This comes as such a shock to everyone due to the big investments Microsoft has made in bringing high profile streamers over to the platform such as Ninja, Shroud, and KingGothalion costing them tens of millions in the process. In the announcement made on July 22nd, the Twitter account for Mixer stated that Microsoft has decided to ‘close the operations side of Mixer’ and will be officially partnering with Facebook Gaming, a rising star in the game streaming industry, giving those who currently stream as a partner or as a general broadcaster the option to transfer their account over there. However, what this does mean is that those high-profile personalities that cost Mixer so much are now free of contract and can move to whichever platform they choose, whether that be Facebook Gaming or the likes of Twitch or YouTube.

Mixer saw some success since Microsoft acquired the platform in 2016, but based on last year’s findings, Facebook Gaming was growing much more rapidly, even when bringing over those top stars, and maybe the reason why Microsoft finally decided to pull the plug. Amazon-owned Twitch is also still the streaming king, being seemingly impossible to take down, another key factor in why Microsoft may have just accepted defeat.

When Mixer does cease to exist in July, all of its apps and the site itself will be redirected to Facebook Gaming and those who loaded up Embers (a way to donate to streamers) and have an outstanding balance, will be provided with Xbox gift cards. If you don’t have an Xbox, well, you’re pretty much out of luck there!

Where do you think the likes of Ninja and Shroud will end up? Will they hop straight back to Twitch? Or take an alternative approach? Wherever they go I’m sure they’re going to be just as popular.