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Modder builds a sleek fanless mini PC with retro style

Fanless mini-PC catches eyes
Last Updated on June 24, 2024
Modder builds a sleek fanless mini PC with retro style - Image Source: TheJiral on Reddit
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We, like many, have come across a unique custom mini PC built by Reddit user TheJiral. Unlike most commercially available mini PCs, this one boasts a fanless design and has a visually striking “retro-futuristic” aesthetic. TheJiral’s creation is based on the ASRock Industrial Box-7640U Mini PC. This mini PC typically comes with a fan and a smaller heatsink. However, TheJiral opted for a significantly more powerful cooling solution – the Wakefield-Vette PADLED-13080 heatsink acquired from DigiKey. This hefty heatsink is the most prominent feature of the build.

More modifications

Another key modification involves the case. TheJiral ditched the original case and designed a custom one using a 3D printer. This new case incorporates vents on the sides for improved airflow and utilizes threaded inserts instead of common self-tapping screws, adding a touch of elegance. While the specific 3D printer model remains unknown, it was likely an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printer, a type commonly found among hobbyists.

The mini PC’s performance is courtesy of the low-power Ryzen 5 7640U CPU, typically found in laptops. This processor delivers excellent integrated graphics (iGPU) performance thanks to its RDNA3 Compute Units. Although not as powerful as its bigger brother, the Ryzen 7 7840U, the Ryzen 5 7640U still packs a punch with its Radeon 760M iGPU featuring 8 RDNA3 CUs.

Custom mini PC built by TheJiral – Image Source: Reddit

I wanted to get a fully fanless PC for quite a while, but when I saw that the newer energy efficient AMD laptop processors come with a halfway decent 760M iGPU and pack quite a bit of CPU punch, enough for older games, emulations and also CAD work I was sold on the idea and used an ASrock Industrial Box 4×4 7640u as basis for my own design.

On top of it I wanted some external backup solution. So I used the two USB4 ports for an external Raid1 SSD bank.

I did not do it intentionally but it ended up to look wonderfully retrofuturistic in my opinion.
The Mini-PC itself, including the heat sink, is 13x13x12 cm.

TheJiral on Reddit

Heatsink and overclocking

TheJiral reports that the chosen heatsink effectively cools even under a near-full load. Interestingly, TheJiral experimented with overclocking the system by enabling a 45-watt TDP “performance” mode on the ASRock motherboard. Unfortunately, this resulted in overheating during CPU stress tests. While adding fans might enable overclocking, TheJiral opted to maintain the fanless design to preserve the unique aesthetic he created. While the original Reddit thread offers a glimpse into the build process, it lacks details on the creation process behind the case. However, considering TheJiral’s recent 3D printing project inspired by the board game Settlers of Catan, it’s likely the “retro-futuristic” design elements of this mini PC stem from the same creative source.

Community feedback

The custom mini PC build on Reddit has been met with excellent reviews. Users love the design, with some even comparing it to a sleek 3D render. The unique build has inspired others interested in passive cooling for their own computers, sparking discussions and potential future projects within the community.

TheJiral’s fanless mini PC build pushes the boundaries of mini PC design. The combination of powerful yet silent cooling, a custom 3D printed case, and a unique visual style makes this creation a standout in the tech enthusiast community.

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