More Minecraft maps to play with your RTX GPU

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In April Nvidia and Microsoft dropped Minecraft RTX into their beta run of the Bedrock edition on Windows 10 (for more info on the differences between the Bedrock and Java editions, you can catch up here).

The caveat was that the glorious Ray Tracing action only worked in a small number of maps that you could download (for free) from the Marketplace. Now, as a special bonus, Nvidia has released a further five maps to add to the existing six.

Check out the image gallery below.

These include an Italian village style map, an egg hunt, another village, this time in the dark, a medieval village (theme develops here) and an interesting one called The Observer which drops you deep underground top show off the amazing lighting that Minecraft RTX is now capable of.

It’s clear more time has gone into making these maps actually functional. The first batch was clearly just to show off the tech, whereas here the more normal way of Minecrafting – exploring – is brought out a bit more and there are actually things to do now.

You will know by now that you need a decent system coupled with an RTX graphics card to even load these maps – you will be sternly told you can’t if you try. You can find the perfect RTX card for you here by the way.

If you are all set with the minimum specs already just head to the marketplace and search for RTX maps and download away. Let us know what you think.

We cannot wait to see more as this develops and the Ray Tracing gets baked into the game properly over the coming weeks and months.