New iPad Mini 5G and iPad 9th Gen Announced

Apple’s latest iPads launch later this month

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Apple’s latest slew of announcements didn’t just include a new Apple Watch and the iPhone 13 (along with the envy-making iPhone 13 Pro with its three newly improved different cameras), but a couple iPad refreshes for the incoming year.

Launching on the 24th of September, the iPad Mini and 9th generation iPad are releasing to the world.

We’ll start with the boring of the two, the regular iPad, which doesn’t seem to be getting much of an update in comparison to the Mini.



New iPad 9th Generation

Color selections include the hotly anticipated Purple for the iPad Mini, as well as Pink, Gold and Grey. The iPad regular will be sticking with just Space Grey and White.

But check out the iPhone colors though! 

Where to buy the iPad Mini?

Until Apple release the devices on the 24th of September, the iPad 9th Generation and new iPad Mini 2021 aren’t really available anywhere. Even Amazon doesn’t have anything available, so if you just hold your horses, all good things come to those who wait.

The same chassis is being used, so it has the big ugly chins and a home button still, while there’s still no support for the Apple Pencil 2, instead iPad 9th gen owners will have to still use the 1st generation Pencil with its weird charging top.

However, it will be supporting – obviously – iPadOS 15 and Center Stage, Apple’s method of turning an ultra-wide, 12MP lens on the front of the iPad into something that can follow you about.

The upgrade to a 12MP camera on the front is just an indication that the tech world clearly doesn’t see a future where Work From Home isn’t a thing.

However, the chip inside is weirdly the A13, two generations behind the upcoming Mini and one behind the Air.

This device will still be great for parents and kids, but for anyone else, I’d say have a look at the Mini.

Speaking of, the new iPad Mini, it’s getting the Air and Pro treatment, ditching the chins for a more full-screen experience.

New iPad Mini Specs

The iPad Mini’s screen size is 8.3 inches, with a Liquid Retina Display and yes, the Mini comes in Purple.

Apple has fitted it with the same Center Stage stuff as detailed above, but has given it support for the Apple Pencil 2, which will magnetize to the side like a little jotter pad!

It’s got a new A15 Bionic chip inside for brutal speeds, which if the A14 was anything to go by, will trounce major tasks.

I think the biggest news here is that it has a USB-C port now, making camera editing or just general file saving and charging an absolute breeze.

But for those of us wanting to have an all-in-one, it now has 5G connectivity, which the iPad Mini should be supported by T-Mobile, Verizon and others around the world when it launches.

New iPad Mini and iPad 9th Gen Price

The iPad Mini will come in at a smooth £479/$499 and the iPad 9th generation is going to be £319/$329.

New iPad Mini & iPad 9th Gen Colors

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