Pac-Man goes multiplayer with Pac-Man Live Studio

The arcade classic is back with a fresh new look

Pac-Man goes multiplayer with Pac-Man Live Studio

While Amazon Games has been in the news recently with the imminent release of Crucible, their attempt at a hero shooter, they have been similarly busy creating an interesting spin on the arcade classic Pac-Man.

As most of you reading this will see Pac-Man as a single-player game, you might be surprised to hear that Amazon Games has actually put a multiplayer spin on the title enabling you to enjoy the pellet eating world with your friends. The announcement of Pac-Man Live Studio described three new modes; Endless Mode – allowing you to team up with your pals to see how far you can progress, Maze Creator – similar to that of Super Mario Maker where you can create your own mazes that can be voted upon, and Classic Mode which will see you compete against the rest of the world for that top spot on the leaderboard.

While there’s no release date as of yet, there have been screenshots suggesting a June release that will fall in line with Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary. Additionally, there have been rumors circulating that this Pac-Man variant could actually be playable directly through Twitch which will be somewhat of a first for the platform.

It’s great to see Pac-Man back on the map again and with the inclusion of those multiplayer modes, it could see a huge resurgence similar to that of Tetris with Tetris 99 seeing great success since 2019.

We hope it does get released this June and will be readily accessible so we can all battle it out for that number one spot, as well as seeing everyone’s wild and wacky maze creations.

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