Plex adds free Live TV to its offering

No aerial required

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Regular readers of PC Guide may well be aware that I love Plex, It has been my home media server of choice for many years.

Recently we covered how to set up your own Plex Media server to enable you to stream everything around your home until your heart’s content and the good news is if you are thinking of doing so, or even have already, that the service continues to expand beyond your own media.

Plex already launched Plex-On-Demand which allows you to stream 14,000 free movies and documentaries, but they have now added to it further by adding a free Live TV service with over 80 channels.

You could previously watch TV through Plex by connecting an aerial to an approved add-on card, but now you may not need to do that if you are happy with what’s on offer.

Of course, the channels offered aren’t necessarily the ones you will find on your cable package, but if you are stuck for something to watch, you will generally find something that might pique your interest.

The new Live TV on Plex section has been rolled out to Amazon Fire devices, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Roku, and Plex Web App now with smart TV apps to get the upgrade soon. Gaming console versions will also get some love so you can watch live TV on your PS4 or Xbox shortly.

Of course, you don’t need to make Plex do any of this (I don’t) but as extra added services appear it just makes Plex even more of a no-brainer to set up for the future.

You can read all about Live TV and future plans on the Plex blog here.