Raspberry Pi continues to get more and more powerful

The Raspberry Pi Foundation team up with Micron to make 8GB possible

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The Raspberry Pi continues to get more impressive with each iteration.

We are on the Pi 4 these days and ever since its arrival over eight years ago we have seen constant development of the hugely popular single-board PC, and today the Raspberry Pi Foundation revealed its latest Pi 4 model with 8GB on onboard RAM.

There ware already 2 and 4 GB versions of the Pi4 but now with 8GB, we are starting to open up some serious possibility for the diminutive little computer.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has teamed up with Micron to make a new RAM package suitable for the project as none existed as recently as last year.

Already loved by retro gamers, makers, and general tinkers, the Pi is also a superb way of getting the kids into coding with Minecraft.

The slight downside is that as RAM remains relatively expensive the price of this latest board has now reached $75, easily the most expensive to date which is also a far cry from the original $35 when it was first launched in 2012.

That said you are getting a device here that you can use for anything your imagination can dream of (within limits, steady on). We showed last week a Pi 4 running an OS that looked like macOS, RetroPie has now been converted to run seamlessly on the Pi4 for all your emulation needs and you only need to google Raspberry Pi Projects to find a whole host of things you can put one to use for.

The Raspberry Pi remains a fantastic way to get into this sort of computing as a hobbyist. Maybe that media center you have always dreamed of having is now a step closer.