Rumors say that core for core, the Zen 5 performance is more then 40% better than Zen 4

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There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the upcoming Zen 5 architecture. The Zen 5, replacing the current Zen 4 used in AMD Ryzen CPUs, is supposedly a huge upgrade, but recent rumors suggest just how much of an improvement it is. Rumors have leaked that the Zen 5 has more than a 40% increase in performance.

Posted by Kepler_L2 on the AnandTech Forums, The Zen 5 is, core for core, over 40% faster than the Zen 4 in terms of SPEC. This would be an incredible improvement over the Zen 4, and the recent Raptor Lake Refresh cores from the Intel 14th-gen. How it stacks up against the upcoming Arrow Lake generation from Intel is yet to be seen, as this architecture is also rumored to be around a 40% increase in multi-core performance.

Zen 5 performance increase

The Zen 5 IPC numbers are also looking impressive, as All_The_Watts on Twitter says that the IPC gains are around 30%. This includes a 7% gain in Fortnite, 20% in the Cinebench R23 single-core, and 38% in Metro Exodus, among other numbers. These gains are very large when compared to the Zen 4. It paints an exciting future for the Ryzen 9000 series of CPUs.

The Zen 5 architecture has already been stirring up tons of hype. These performance gains are incredibly impressive. However, it should be noted that All_The_Watts has stated that figures listed for IPC gains are subject to re-testing. The CPUs aren’t out yet, and these gains can change by the time they are.

The Zen 5 is still a bit off from release. The closest estimates put it towards the end of 2024, however nothing official has come from AMD yet. If these rumors are true, it will be hard to wait for the new Zen 5 CPUs. These performance gains could easily rival that of the current gen of Intel, and even the upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs that are on their way.

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