Samsung reveals the price of its Odyssey monitors

The ultra-wide monitors from the future

Samsung reveal the price of their Odyssey monitors

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Samsung announced its incredibly large curved Odyssey monitors at CES this year which consisted of three variants; the Odyssey G9 which comes in at a whopping 49 inches, as well as the smaller but still rather large Odyssey G7 which comes in 27 and 32-inch sizes. Gamers and tech enthusiasts alike have been eager to know more but until now, they’ve been tightly locked away, not even available for preorder. However, Samsung has finally revealed the prices of all three models and has pushed the button on allowing you to get your hands on one.

If you’re wondering what’s so special about Samsung’s Odyssey range, well, it’s not just another curved monitor, there’s actually a lot more that’s gone into the design of this thing. Firstly, you’ll notice that it’s even more curved than usual and that’s because according to Samsung, it’s been specifically engineered to match the curve of the human eye, creating increased immersion. Secondly, all three monitors come equipped with blue lighting on the back, furthering the aesthetics of your setup, as well as fitting perfectly into any gaming room. And finally, the two color options, white for the G9 and black for both the G7 choices.

The specs are similarly fantastic with all three models sporting a 1ms response time and 240Hz refresh rate, fantastic for those wanting to game. Moreover, the resolutions aren’t too shabby either with the G9 boasting a 5120×1440 QLED panel with 1000 nits of brightness, and both G7 variants detailing healthy 2560×1440 screens with 600 nits of brightness. 

Now, let’s look at the all-important prices of these curved beasts. You’re looking at a slightly eye-watering $1,699.99 for the 49” Samsung Odyssey G9, a more wallet-friendly $799.99 for the 32” Odyssey G7, and $699.99 for the smaller 27” G7 variant. If you’re looking to secure your preorder you can, here, for the G9, 32” G7, and 27” G7 or over on Samsung’s website, for release on July 13th.

Are you in the market for a new, incredible immersive gaming monitor? Maybe for when the next generation of consoles gets released? Or if you’ve just upgraded your PC rig? Well, even if the Samsung Odyssey range is a little on the pricey side, these monitors are at the top of the game and are certainly futureproof.