Secretlab Chair Black Friday deals 2020 are live worldwide

Massive savings on premium chairs this Black Friday week!

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If you’re reading this, you’re likely aware of who Secretlab is and how their chairs really are a cut above the rest. But, these do come at a premium due to the use of incredible materials in an effort to provide extreme comfort so, any savings are certainly welcome. Luckily, it’s that time of year where there are savings galore on tech, gifts, and a whole lot more. Thankfully, Secretlab has got in on that and are offering some fantastic savings on most chair variants this Black Friday week.

How long are Secretlab Black Friday 2020 deals live for?

The Secretlab Black Friday deals launched on Monday, November 23rd at 8 AM in the US and Canada, with the UK deals going live a little earlier at midnight. These deals will last up until November 27th giving you a number of days to think about your Secretlab chair purchase.

Secretlab Black Friday Deals in 2020

So, you know there are Secretlab chair Black Friday deals but on which versions? Well, essentially it’s the vast majority of the Secretlab OMEGA and Scretlab TITAN range where the savings lie. Moreover, due to the different chair materials options available to you, if you don’t like the standard PU leather, there are deals to be had on the SoftWeave fabric and true leather chairs.

In terms of how much you’re likely to save, you’re looking at up to $150 discounts on a number of these high-quality chairs which really is fantastic and one that you won’t see until potentially Black Friday next year.

While most usually go for the run of the mill colors like black or grey, there’s Game of Thrones, Joker, eSports, and more themed chairs available to add a bit of character to your setup. But, be quick as they’re rapidly going out of stock!

If you are looking to pick up a Secretlab chair, whether that’s the more standard black OMEGA option or the more flamboyant House Targaryen number then head to our Secretlab Black Friday deals page where we’ll have all the links for you, saving you a bunch in the process.