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Sony just revealed an 8K VR headset and our minds are blown

A a crystal clear virtual reality is almost here
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
Sony VR 5
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Out of all of Earth technology giants, the last company that is tagged to bring the world of virtual reality to its knees is Sony right now. PlayStation VR was widely accepted but suffered from terrible resolution and one too many cables. It might be time to get excited for Sony’s next contribution to the VR market if their Technology Day showing is anything to go by.

Although this 8K headset is nowhere near production line ready, it shows what Sony is capable of. PSVR 2 is set to be with us by fall 2022, but we can already get a hint of what Sony can do with this latest VR demo. Slight spoiler, this has been 100% developed in-house, a wild move for Sony.

The idea here is to imitate real-life feelings and experiences through a ridiculous amount of detail. We all know that feeling when we can sense someone behind us or next to us, the horror film industry is built on it. Well, Sony plan to re-create that with two 4K OLED Microdisplays packed into a low latency headset, making an 8K experience altogether.

Credit: Sony

For anyone who’s spent some real-time in VR, we all know the frustration of objects blurring the closer they get to us virtually. We also know that feeling of nausea after a hard day’s night racking scores up on Beatsaber. Sony has figured out a way around both of these issues by doubling the number of dots on the display, which in turn achieves a level of clarity and depth never seen before in the virtual reality industry. In fact, the only thing that currently rivals it is the human eye, madness.

It seems that Sony is looking to grab their slice of the Metaverse with their 8k VR headset. They want to provide consumers with life-like experiences such as music concerts and bring that next level of realistic immersion, even in office environments. Whilst the technology is amazing, it also needs to be accessible and affordable for mass-market adoption. Whilst pricing is likely a long way off, it’s safe to say the current cost would be astronomical.

Sony is also working hard on its PSVR 2 offering which includes a premium OLED display and tailored to take advantage of PlayStation 5 hardware. In what is hopefully a wireless outing, we can expect PSVR 2 around fall 2022, providing it doesn’t get delayed.

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