Jazz up your online meeting by pretending you are in the Death Star

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The pros and cons of holding your meetings online – or even the occasional family get-together have been well discussed of late. We recently took a look into the trials and tribulations of popular-for-a-week-then-consigned-to-the-internet-rubbish-pile conferencing app Zoom.

Here at PC Guide, we are big fans of Google Meet and regularly use it to conduct our office business/act childishly with colleagues we haven’t seen for weeks due to the COVID lockdown.

If you are using a video calling app that allows you to change your background the official Star Wars site – yes official, this isn’t any fan-made offering – has released a whole series of high-resolution images featuring 31 settings from across the movie franchise. Now you can make that vital business call from your tent on Tatooine or bunker on Hoth.

Whether the boss is going to appreciate the distraction is another matter, but if you want to impress the grandchildren, this may be another option for family video.

If you have a green screen they will work flawlessly, but even if you let the software mask your background by itself, then we still got pretty good results with Zoom.

The images are excellent quality, and Star Wars fans could easily use them as wallpapers on their machines too.

As you can see from our image, we paired it with popular webcam character application FaceRig to put our foxy friend on the bridge of a Star Destroyer. 

It’s possible this lockdown is finally breaking us.

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