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Steam Deck update brings numerous upgrades to the new game recording feature

An important update for some Steam Deck users
Last Updated on July 11, 2024
Steam Deck on table with game recording feature example
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Valve has released a significant update for the Steam Deck Beta Client, focusing primarily on improvements to the recently introduced game recording feature. This update, released on July 10, addresses several bugs, streamlines the user interface, and introduces exciting new functionalities, making capturing and sharing your Steam Deck gameplay a much smoother and more intuitive process overall.

Streamlined game recording interface on Steam Deck

The update brings a series of refinements that enhance the user experience when working with game recordings. The UI behavior when finalizing the beginning and end points of a clip has been improved, offering more intuitive and responsive interaction. Additionally, the playhead will no longer jump around when setting these points using the UI buttons, eliminating unnecessary frustration during the editing process.

This update also improves clip management by ensuring user markers are placed correctly, increasing the minimum recording time to 15 minutes, adding a warning when recording is disabled for streaming, ignoring the marker shortcut key when recording is off, introducing the ability to save a frame as a screenshot, and improving clip file naming with automatic descriptions.

Full list of changes from Steam Deck Beta Client update on July 10 – Image Source: Steam

Improved screenshot management too

Additionally, the update tackles a couple of nagging issues that could plague players who utilize local screenshots extensively. One fix ensures that even users with a smaller library of captured moments won’t encounter missing screenshots in the media manager. Additionally, a bug that could potentially delete workshop files during validation checks has been squashed. This provides peace of mind for players who actively utilize the Steam Workshop for additional content and mods.

Furthermore, the update addresses a scenario where some local screenshots might escape deletion attempts when a user tries to delete multiple screenshots at once. This ensures a more organized and clutter-free media library for all your captured in-game moments.

What we think

This Steam Deck update should be a hit with players who want to capture and share their gameplay experiences. With fixes for misplaced user markers and extended minimum recording times, players shouldn’t miss their recordings ever again. The update also eliminates confusion by clearly indicating when recording is disabled for streaming and offers more control over your clips with the ability to save specific frames and improved file naming.

These improvements streamline the entire capture process, making it easier than ever to create and organize your Steam Deck highlights. This update, while appearing quite niche, is genuinely very important to fans who enjoy recording, saving, and sharing clips.

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