Streamer’s new PC build goes up in smoke

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We like the feeling of building a new PC here at PC Guide Towers. The rush as you turn it on for the first time can’t be beaten. It’s true to say there is always a nervous moment as you push the power switch, but deep down you kinda know that everything will be alright because you have checked everything at least twice and you haven’t been walking across a nylon carpet in just your woolen socks for half an hour.

Still, live-streaming your new build to the rest of the internet is almost asking for the trouble-God’s to come and have some fun with you as Twitch streamer Fastaction99 found out (that’s not his real name obviously – we assume). The 21-year-old had been building his first PC live online with the help of the community and his friends on Discord and maybe now wishes he had just opted for a prebuilt option.

The video that follows here is the first, and indeed last few seconds of this new PC’s life on this earth.

(Warning: the video contains, as you would imagine, bad language).

Fastaction99 (we don’t want to suggest he didn’t live up to his username so much – maybe he could have cut the power a bit quicker) indicated that he thought he had “fried” the fans, but that doesn’t look like a non-functioning fan to us with all that smoke billowing out of his mobo.

Watch the build go up in smoke here.

We’d always suggest building your own PC as a means of getting exactly what you want and also the satisfaction of completing your build, but at the same time, if you don’t know a non-spinning fan from a small house fire, it might be worth getting somebody who knows what they are doing to pop around and help out