The PCGuide Weekly Roundup – June 28th

A look back at the top PCGuide articles from this week

PCGuide weekly roundup

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Another week has gone by bringing with it some interesting news stories from the tech industry and big Apple announcements from WWDC.

At the beginning of the week, we saw the Fugaku supercomputer from Japan becoming the fastest machine in the world, beating competition from both the US and China. Thankfully, it’s being used for good, with the Kobe-based institute putting it straight to work on COVID-19 research. The last time Japan topped the fastest supercomputer chart was back in 2011 and only lasted a single year but with this Fugaku, we might still see it at number one for some time.

There were also big ripples in the streaming industry with Microsoft shuttering Mixer, a shock to both the public and partners who received this news with no prior knowledge that it was taking place. Microsoft has now formed a partnership with Facebook Gaming which will now house former Mixer streamers. Another huge bit of streaming news is Twitch responding to a number of abuse claims by banning a bunch of its broadcasters caught up in the allegations. Maybe this is the first step in bringing a safer experience for individuals both online and at streaming events.

Moving to Apple’s big news from WWDC, they announced that moving forward, Intel chips are no longer going to be the go-to for their products and instead, using ARM-based chips. Tim Cook implied that this switch will lead to a boost in performance, improving their silicone investment, and making it easier for developers and app producers to work with these new chips in the future.

As always, we’ve also published a few guides to help you out with PC related issues. We looked at the best antivirus software for your machine whether you’re looking for a paid piece of software or if you’d prefer to go down the free route. As well as the best antivirus software, we provided some hints and tips on how to speed up Windows 10, making your PC experience that little bit snappier. Finally, we put together a list of the best four VPN services available to you right now, enabling you to keep your online privacy exactly that, private.

Be sure to come back to PCGuide next week for a whole host of breaking news and if you’re struggling with Windows errors, we could have the perfect solutions for you!