Thermaltake’s Virtual Expo Showcases Exciting New Gear

We are living in a pandemic world, this is how it’s done now

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Spare a thought for all those company execs last fall, sat around planning exciting 2020 product launches. Dreaming up how to dress exhibition stands packed with models and cosplayers handing out flyers and drumming up enthusiasm for the exciting tech we’d all want to get our hands on.

Fast forward a couple of months we are in a world where company CEOs stand awkwardly in front of a camera and presents us products via YouTube instead. It’s been a funny old time in human history but it is great to see how companies have adapted to the new way of having to do things.

Thermaltake is the latest to take up the challenge of having to showcase what looks like a great line-up of forthcoming gear and present it in a way that will be as effective as the ‘old’ way.

Their Virtual Expo is currently running over four days (yesterday until Friday) with new products being revealing in lengthy YouTube showcases. You are going to need some time on your hands if you are going to sit through it all but if you don’t you may well miss something that will interest you.

Rounding up the first two days we can see some very interesting new cases on the horizon as well as an AIO cooler than not only chills your CPU you but does your memory at the same time.

The Core P8 case certainly looks interesting as well as the arrival of the AH T200 which comes in black and white versions.

Thermaltake said of the launch of the T200: “Not long ago, we presented our first-ever military-inspired design, the AH T600 Full-Tower Open Frame Chassis. The AH T200 is a compacted version of the AH T600; for those who were looking for a smaller sized, non-conventional chassis, now is the ideal time to take a look into this chassis. The chassis comes with one type-c connection, two USB 3.0 ports, and one HD audio port. The entire model is forged with a sturdy, air-force style architecture, with the three 3mm tempered glass windows at the front-top panel and solid side vents on each end. Constructed with one 4mm tempered glass hinged door side panel on each side, the AH T200 not only gets extra airflow and interior accessibility but is also more visually appealing. The AH T200 can hold up to four 140mm fans at the front and top, or users can install a 280mm radiator at the front. With its dismantlable modular design, it allows users to create their own style and to mod as they please. If you’re looking for a non-standard, compact chassis, then AH T200 will be the one to pick.

We also got to see the Tower 100 which will certainly attract some attention.

The product that will perhaps garner the most second glances from the first couple of days though is the Floe RC240 Memory and CPU AIO cooler. As you can see from the photo in the gallery the tubing comes from the 240mm radiator and connects to both the pump head and memory container and the memory interconnects back to the pump head. It’s certainly novel and we can’t wait to see how it works in practice.

We will have more from Thermaltake’s virtual expo tomorrow and Friday, but in the meantime, here are a couple of hours viewing for you to catch up on, and you can find the rest on their YouTube channel.