Totally Reliable Delivery Service launches for free on Epic Game Store

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Thanks to all those kids spending millions of dollars every month on V-Bucks to give their Fornite characters different haircuts and jackets, Epic Games are sitting on a pile of money that gets bigger and bigger by the day. One of the things they’ve decided to do with that massive pile of money is pay developers and publishers to not release their games on Steam, which is kind of an irritating trend for players who like to choose where to buy their games from, since it removes that choice. Here, however, they’ve not just paid the developer of the I think perhaps somewhat ironically named Totally Reliable Delivery Service to postpone the Steam release, they’ve also launched the game for free of charge for a limited period. 

It’s launching for free on Epic Games Store, where if you grab it before April 8th, it’s yours to keep without spending a penny, before going back to the regular price of $15. As much as it would be preferable to not have to deal with Epic’s clearly inferior service, getting a brand new game for free is a more than acceptable spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

The game is a Fumble ‘Em Up, a game that’s trying to be as funny to watch as it is to play, where either in solo or with up to four friends, you’re trying to get a package from A to B, in a brightly coloured sandbox world, full of increasingly ridiculous scenarios. The comedy comes from the exaggerated physics, goofy animations, and absurd challenges. This game seems to follow in the tradition of titles like Surgeon Simulator, Octodad, Gang Beasts and Human: Fall Flat. If any of those were up your street, or if you’re just curious about this kind of game, you’ve not really got anything to lose by giving this a shot.

It particularly stands out with the variety of ground-based and airborne vehicles, robust physics simulations, bold use of colour, and large environments packed with things to play with.

If you’re at all interested, grab it now.

With all these free games on Epic Game store, it’s a wonder if Epic ever hope to have people actually buying games on their store.