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Twitter Is Down For Many – Reports

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Last Updated on May 4, 2023
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It seems as though there are problems at tweet towers as Twitter is down for a large proportion of global users. Quite why or what’s causing the outage is currently unclear, but the issues today, My 4th are being widely reported – although perhaps less than usual on the platform!

Twitter being down is a rare occurrence, although queries about the stability of the service have held more water in recent months, as insider leaks and concerns about restructures and product priorities have swirled. Right now though, it appears that Twitter is suffering on a significant scale.

Twitter is Down – Reports

According to Downdetector, the issues began at 7:54am EST, as the number of reports skyrocketed from a ‘baseline’ of 3 to 654 reports of outages. To put that in perspective, it’s more than 10x the previous high in the last 24 hours of 45 reports. So it’s not an insignificant spike by any means.

Meanwhile Isitdown.com is reporting in its usual fashion: “Twitter is DOWN for everyone. It’s not just you, the server isn’t responding.

At the time of writing, there’s no word from Twitter on any specific issues, and both the Twitter and Twitter Support accounts have yet to address any issues directly. However, if you’re struggling to access the service, this disruption to normal usability will likely be why.

There’s no suggestion the events are related, but the outage comes two days after a report that Twitter employees were dropped to just 1,000 people, per Business Insider. Additionally, the last reported outage on Twitter (via The Verge) was also two days ago. At that time, the service logged out (mainly) desktop users, with little comment about the the issue. However, the current outage is far more widespread.

May, then, hasn’t started smoothly for Twitter overall. Despite a lack of outages across April, two in three days is far from ideal. If you’re affected by the latest incident of the service being down, our best advice is to hold tight and wait for things to clear up. It’s not just you, and hopefully, the service should return to normality in the near future.

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