Start using Google Stadia’s controller wirelessly from this week

A wireless controller that is actually wireless now

Start using Google Stadia's controller wirelessly from this week

Google Stadia certainly hasn’t had the smoothest of launches with a number of problems including a lackluster launch library, poor input latency, and the need for a superfast broadband connection. However, Google has been rectifying some of its mistakes as of late and even giving away a 3 month free trial of their Stadia Pro subscription. Another of these improvements comes in the form of being able to use your controller wirelessly.

Up until now, Stadia subscribers utilizing the bundled in controller of their Premiere Edition package could only use it plugged in or wirelessly through a Chromecast Ultra and therefore, rendering it almost useless for those looking to hook it up to a laptop or desktop PC. However, mobile users will still be left wanting with no news on when this functionality will transfer over to android owners.

The reason it has taken such a long time to get the wireless nature of the controller working is the way it connects to Stadia. It utilizes a Wi-Fi connection to Google’s servers rather than the traditional Bluetooth method and therefore, more complicated to get right. You might think that this would cause a variety of problems but Google has said that this method of connection will give the user more “precise controls”.

Before we rejoice, let’s wait and see how this wireless controller connection performs. We’re sure that there will be teething problems for many and maybe even some not working at all. However, if everything does go smoothly, it’s another improvement that Google is bringing to Stadia, and if it has more of these in the pipeline, it may end up being a more attractive overall package.

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