Windows 10 brings COVID-19 directly to your desktop

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If you are one of those people who think we hear a bit too much about COVID-19, despite the death tolls continually rising and the fact that we haven’t really discovered any way to stop the virus spreading other than by us hiding indoors, then you might not want to click the Search button on the Windows 10 desktop for a while.

Now, upon pressing your little magnifying glass not only will you be able to carry out your normal searching, but you will be presented with the option of reading the latest novel coronavirus headlines as well as tracking its spread on Bing’s interactive map.

The tracker is updated every few minutes and, where data is available, will show you current cases, numbers recovered, and fatality numbers.

You can also switch it into graphs view to have the information presented in the way we are now all too familiar with – rising lines across the world.

With the amount of misinformation already circulating, this is a handy way to get unfettered access to the latest stats and headlines, not only near you but anywhere on Earth.

Where else could you find out Iceland only has 1771 confirmed cases and nine deaths – nearly an identical number of cases to Denver County, except the latter has had 75 fatalities.

It’s a stat hunters dream and allows you to cut through the swathes of nonsense out there.

Just hit your magnifier and start searching.

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