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Yet more Pixel 9 leaks emerge just as the annual Google I/O event is set to start

Doing Google's job for them, ahead of time
Last Updated on May 14, 2024
Yet more Pixel 9 leaks emerge just as the annual Google IO event is set to start
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Google I/O is taking place on May 14th, and we look forward to hear all about upcoming Android 15 and Gemini AI (formerly called Bard) reveals. We initially expected the Pixel 8a to star at this May event, but that instead arrived a week earlier. With just hours left until the event starts as we write this, we instead shift our focus to the Google Pixel 9, which has seen even more leaks lately which gives us much more to work with.

Despite a lot of buzz around the event, the Pixel 9 isn’t expected until much later on this year – and as such, we don’t expect to see it featured at the event. We’d like to be proven wrong though now this leak arrives on the eve of the conference.

More Google Pixel 9 leaks with exclusive renders

It seems as if Google aren’t doing a whole lot to keep details of their next-generation smartphones a secret, with the Google Pixel 9 specs quite openly reported on via leaks. And now there’s yet another, as Rozetked presents an exclusive look at the three devices – Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL – codenamed Tokay, Caiman, and Komodo respectively. Here we can get a great comparison of the phones side-by-side while getting a snapshot of some key specs to reinforce what we already know.

SpecificationPixel 9Pixel 9 ProPixel 9 Pro XL
Refresh rate120Hz120Hz120Hz
ProcessorGoogle Tensor G4Google Tensor G4Google Tensor G4
Leaked Pixel 9 specs table

The leak confirms a few details we’re already aware of, though we do expect to see a wider range of storage sizes available when all details are revealed by Google.

Leaked renders for Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL (source: Rozetked)

Will it be revealed at Google I/O?

To us this seems unlikely, even with the Pixel 8a releasing a little earlier than usual. The new flagship range is generally announced around the time the latest version of Android reaches its final build. This has been in October for the past three years, so a May reveal would definitely be a big surprise. We expect to see Google instead focus on upcoming software more so than hardware – that means Android 15, Google Gemini, and Wear OS for their Pixel Watches.

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