Nvidia GeForce 3060 Ti Release Date May Be Sometime In December

Yet Another Nvidia GPU Release Date Has Been Pushed Back

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Over the past few days, we have seen a lot of news surface surrounding the worst kept secret in Nvidia’s arsenal – the 3060 Ti. Now, the latest information suggests that rather than the November based release date for the mid-range GPU that we were expecting, Nvidia could be announcing and releasing the 3060 Ti on December 2nd.

What We Know

The news comes courtesy of EXPreview (and guru3d.com), and we can safely say that whilst is a delay to the GPUs launch that none of us were expecting, can we really say that it’s a surprise? It’s an initial two-week delay on the rumored November 17th release date tipped for the 3060 Ti, and just like the 3070, we have seen the cards release pushed back by Nvidia themselves.

Now, the reason for the delay might be easier to explain. Remember how there was barely any stock available for any of the other 30 series GPU releases? And remember how the two-week delay on the 3070 was so that Nvidia could ramp up production on the card itself to better meet demand when the release date rolled around?

We could be seeing the exact same thing here, only in regards to Nvidia trying to bolster the stock levels of the 3060 Ti rather than the 3070. That’s not the worst reason for a delay on a hardware release, after all, the immense disappointment following the launch of the 3070, 3080, and the 3090 can’t have been good for Nvidia’s reputation as a brand and I’m sure that they will want to do all they can to avoid doing it again – especially when a shadow drop of a newly announced GPU happens.

So, it’s good news that Nvidia might be trying to pad out the stock room a little more before the launch, but the real question is what do we know about the card itself?

3060 Ti Specifications

Well, the 3060 Ti is set to launch with 8Gb of GDDR6 VRAM onboard, the very same as the 3070 comes equipped with as a matter of face. You can also expect 4,864 CUDA cores on the card, with the 8nm processor node being used in the card itself as in the rest of the 30 series range.

Now, all of this doesn’t mean a lot on paper, so let’s translate it to a more palatable comparison. The 3060 Ti looks like it’s going to beat out the 2080 when it comes to performance, falling just short of the performance expected out of a 2080 Ti. So, in the Ampere line the 3060 Ti places (as expected) just below the 3070 when it comes to performance.

And, based on the expected price, this isn’t a bad or unfortunate thing. The 3060 Ti is expected to launch at a price based around $400, so with that price tag attached and the expected performance combined, it seems that Nvidia has themselves a great, budget orientated GPU that PC gamers are going to be able to rely on for decent in-game performance.

However, whether or not this card is enough to take on AMD and their new line of GPUs is another matter .its definitely going to be interesting to see how these two titans of PC gaming battle it out over the coming months!