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Best All-In-One Printers for small business in 2024

We look at the best all-in-one printers to provide the functions you need
Last Updated on February 22, 2024
Best all-in-one printers - Canon MAXIFY GX7020

All-in-one printers for small business should provide the best of all worlds. They combine a printer, a scanner, a copier, and often cloud-service connections all in one box.

This means you don’t have to buy separate devices and it keeps the footprint to a minimum. Modern all-in-one printers are complex devices, so you need to consider many options when deciding which one to buy, particularly when relying on one for business.

The best all-in-one printers will always be the ones that offer the features your business needs at the most competitive price. But there are plenty of variations to consider and several top brands to have a browse through too. We’ve done the research for you though – selecting four top contenders to consider, and providing the key things to look out for.

Products at a Glance

Features and considerations

Speed is a factor where the productivity of your small business is concerned, and it’s worth looking at the first-page-out time as well as the running speed in any. But most devices are fast enough these days. If you want to print on both sides of paper then you need a device that can duplex.

Does the device have an automatic document feeder (ADF), so that you can load a set of originals to scan instead of manually changing individual sheets on a device’s platen? If so, what is the ADF’s capacity? What is the paper tray capacity? Can you fit a whole ream in it or just part? All of these are important questions.

Many modern all-in-one printers for small business let you access cloud services to scan to or print from. Services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and so on are handy services to have access to.

Connectivity is important too, so make sure a device has the connections you need – such as USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct. Does the device have a touchscreen, and if so what size is it? Or do you interact with the device using physical buttons?

You also need to decide if you want an ink or toner device. Ink devices use less energy but the prints don’t look as glossy as those of a toner device. Ink cartridge costs can soon mount up too, while ink tank devices that let you fill ink reservoirs using bottles to mitigate this. On the flip side, toner cartridges can be expensive, but you can get high-capacity toner cartridges that last longer than standard ones.

How we picked the best all-in-one printers for work

The best all-in-one printer for you depends on how much you print, scan, and copy, the speed of the device, its extra features, and your budget.

We’ve chosen four all-in-one printers that provide the best combination of specs, extra features (such as cloud and network connectivity), and price to satisfy most owners. Of course, it’s worth using a device before purchase if possible so you can judge its speed, image quality, user interface, and so on. But this round-up looks at all the essentials in case you can’t.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Uses ink tanks to save you money
  • You can put a full ream of paper of in it
  • Apple AirPint and Mopria support (iOS and Android)
  • Could do with a bigger screen

Canon’s MAXIFY GX7020 is a high-end inkjet printer that stores ink in tanks, which means a higher yield per color (up to 14,000 for cyan, magenta, yellow, and up to 6,000 for black) compared to ink cartridges.

The GX7020 has two 250-sheet input paper trays, so you don’t have to have an open ream of paper lying around, and a 100-sheet rear paper tray for a combined paper input capacity of 600 sheets. This all-in-one prints up to around 24 mono pages and 15.5 color pages per minute.

Its scanner has a 50-sheet ADF for easy multi-sheet scanning at a maximum 1,200 x 1,200 optical resolution. Plus, Mopria and Apple AirPrint support allows you to print to the MAXIFY GX7020 from your Android and iOS devices – particularly handy if you need access on the move.

You can connect the MAXIFY GX7020 to your network using Fast Ethernet or dual-band Wi-Fi, which is useful, and to your PC via USB. The MAXIFY GX7020 uses a satisfying combination of a 2.7-inch touchscreen and physical buttons, offering a mix of style and substance. Additionally, MAXIFY Cloud Link lets you connect to cloud services too.

  • Integrates with Xerox Workflow Central
  • Compatible with PCL5, PCL6 and PS3 printer languages
  • 250-sheet paper tray

The Xerox C315 provides all the print, scan, and copy functionality you’d expect but also gives you the best of new technology and cloud connectivity.

You can access Xerox Workflow Central, for example, which provides features such as redaction, text to audio conversion, translation and file conversion to Microsoft Office formats. That’s particularly useful should you need flexible file formats or easy correction or conversion of media for sharing.

You can connect mobile devices to the C315 Pro via AirPrint and Mopria, but you can also connect Chromebooks, offering a good level of flexibility. The Xerox C315 comes with PCL5, PCL6, PostScript 3, and XPS drivers for added flexibility when sending your document to print.

Claimed print speed is up to 35 pages per minute for Letter size media and 33 pages per minute for A4 media. Scan speed is up 50 mono images and 32 images per minute for Letter size media, which is snappy.

Optional high-capacity toner cartridges should provide up to 8,000 black pages, and 5,500 cyan, magenta, and yellow pages.

One downside is that the paper input tray is only 250 sheets in capacity. That’s not ideal if you like to load and leave, but you can buy an optional 550-sheet paper tray to remedy that.

  • Ink tanks instead of cartridges
  • Apple AirPint and Mopria support (iOS and Android)
  • 250-sheet paper tray capacity

The Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5180 is a four-color ink tank device. It lets you fill reservoirs using cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink instead of inserting ink cartridges.

Claimed page yield is 7,500 black pages and 6,000 color pages, and usefully the cartridges are keyed so you can’t put a color in the wrong tank. Claimed print speed isn’t that quick, at up to 17 mono pages and 9.5 color pages per minute. While copy speed is 12 mono pages and 6 color pages per minute. If you’re looking for speed, this may not be the right all-in-one for your small business.

The paper input tray’s capacity is 250 sheets, which means you won’t get a full ream in it. And the ET-5180’s ADF has a 35-sheet capacity.

This all-in-one does offer great connectivity options, and you can use iOS or Android devices with the ET-5180 thanks to Apple AirPrint and Mopria. Additionally, the Epson Smart Panel app lets you get the best out of it when using a mobile device.

You can connect the EcoTank Pro ET-5180 to your network via Fast Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct. And interaction comes via a 2.4-inch touchscreen and a few physical buttons.

  • Cloud connectivity options
  • No Ethernet connectivity
  • 250-sheet paper tray capacity

The Brother MFC-L3710CW is a CMYK laser printer that lets you connect to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, so you can scan to and print from them. You can even create your own onscreen shortcuts that you can access from the MFC-L3710CDW’s touchscreen with one press.

There’s no Ethernet connectivity on the Brother, but you can connect the MFC-L3710CW to a Wi-Fi network, and to a PC via USB. Claimed print speeds are 19 pages per minute for both black and color, and claimed scan speeds are 29 mono and 22 color images per minute – so not up there with the likes of the Xerox C315.

Paper capacities are 50 sheets for the ADF and 250 sheets for the paper input tray, so again fairly average. However, if you’re after all-in-one printers for a small business, and it must be a laser printer (at a decent price), then the Brother is a fair option.

Our Verdict

All the devices are good, so it’s difficult to choose one and it may be down to your specific need for features.

However, our choice for the best all-in-one printer for small businesses is the Canon MAXIFY GX7020 inkjet printer. This is due to its cloud connectivity options, touchscreen size, print speeds and high paper tray and ADF capacities. The Xerox C315 is a great option if you want a device that uses toner to print.