AndaSeat Dark Demon

Another great offering from AndaSeat arrives to challenge the mainstream. How will it stack up?

We’ve looked at a couple of AndaSeat’s brilliant gaming chairs in the last 12 months and there is no denying that the seats that the company is produced are high-quality and pushing the established premium seat chair makers all the way.

Now we have the Dark Demon, which while it might have a silly name, in its black incarnation at least is almost the perfect mix of gaming chair comfort and a seat that you could plonk down in for that work Zoom call.

Coming in two versions, the black and one with red garnish, the Dark Demon sees AndaSeat dipping away from the premium-priced chairs and attacking the mid-range market, all the while maintaining the same high standards of manufacture that they have rapidly become known for.

Coming in under $400 / £300 it’s still not cheap, but then, it’s not meant to be either.

The package it arrives in is over 30KG so this is not a chair you want to build downstairs and hook up a load of stairs to your gaming room. You will have a much easier time of it if you construct it in place as, once assembled, it is not a small piece of furniture.

Ease of Construction

Construction is simple enough and can be done by one person with only a couple of tricky parts such as lining things up, but if you take your time you will soon have things together. The kit comes with all the necessary bolts and a double-sized Allen key to tighten everything up. AndaSeat includes the bolts for connecting the seatback to the base already semi-screwed into the back for some reason so don’t think you have any missing when you notice there aren’t enough in the packaging.

The chair itself carries elements of racing-style gaming chairs but manages to stray far enough from that aesthetic to please those that might not like that look.

It is capable of comfortably supporting a 200KG human and the size of the seat makes it a comfortable resting place. The fact the Dark Demon can recline virtually all the way should you have space means you can even grab a rest in it if you need to.


The addition of 4D armrests means you have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to positioning. I think I have said before that I like to have my right armrest lower than the left. A) because I’m strange and B) because I like my mouse hand/arm parallel to the desktop to reduce strain on my old carpal tunnel. The armrests here allow me to do that and also when I’m finished, lower everything and tuck the seat away under my desk for tidiness. This is something I sometimes struggle to do with the Secret Lab chairs in the office, as amazing as they are.

The base, with its five smooth-running castors, seems compact and stable and doesn’t span out everywhere meaning the footprint is more than acceptable. The Dark Demon is still a big chair though. It doesn’t want to sit quietly tucked away in a corner so make sure you have space would be my advice.


We have never had to criticize AndaSeat for lack of comfort and we certainly won’t be starting now. The Dark Demon is a great chair to sink back into whether you are working or gaming.

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Our Verdict


Dark Demon

A big chair for a decent price


Again, AndaSeat has come up with the goods when it comes to a great gaming chair. It’s not the best they have done but the Dark Demon comes in as a really good offering into the mid-range space, although the price pushes it towards the higher end of the mid-range.

I like the fact you can get it with the added coloring, or a more demure all-black to give you a more professional look while not sacrificing any comfort.

The build quality again seems to be top-notch and the PVC covering is easy to maintain. In hotter climes, you may well prefer a fabric covering but if that’s not an issue then you won’t have to worry about it.

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