Can A Router Be Hacked?

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Hacking is a very unfortunate issue in the tech world. Many internet users face it, and try to avoid it, but sometimes fail. We have seen the hacking of email ids or different online accounts. But did you know that hacking an internet router is also possible? 

Continue reading to find out more about router hacking and how to avoid it.

What is Router Hacking?

Hacking a router involves cybercriminals taking over entire control over your router secretly. They do it by overcoming the security measures and your router credentials by having complete control over them. There isn’t a fixed method or way to hack a router, as these hackers have many different tricks. 

However, the most common reason can be using your default login details if you have not changed them, cracking your password, or exploiting your router’s firmware vulnerability.

How to Know My Router is Hacked?

There can be a lot of signs that can confirm your router is under attack. Some of them are listed below:

  • Every time you open a browser, it leads to a single same page.
  • You keep on receiving different messages from foreign sources.
  • Your device is no longer in your control.
  • The internet’s speed get unbearably slow all of a sudden.
  • You see unrecognized devices connected to your router.


Can anyone Hack a Router?

Yes, it is not difficult for a cybercriminal to hack your router. Especially if you have a typical household router, it will be easy for a hacker to hack it quickly. Sometimes, most users only know that someone has hacked their router when a severe event occurs. Therefore, you must keep up-to-date to avoid hacking immediately.


Monitor your device occasionally to see if there is a suspicion or confirmation of hacking. Hacking a router is not hard. You may experience the above hacking symptoms but unknowingly blame your ISP as an everyday issue.