Save a massive 57% on Corsair HS60 Haptic Gaming Headset – Early Prime Day Deals

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Prime Day is just around the corner, but there are already some knockout deals to be had…

57% off

Corsair HS60 HAPTIC Stereo Gaming Headset with Haptic Bass, Carbon

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With this exclusive early prime day deal, you have the opportunity to upgrade your gaming setup with the Corsair HS60 Haptic Stereo Gaming Headset at an incredible 56% discount. This remarkable headset, originally priced at $129.99, can now be yours for the price of $56.45 at Amazon.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can get for the new reduced price and why we think it’s a great chance to upgrade your gaming setup and take your gaming sessions to the next level.

Here are some features of the Corsair HS60 RGB Wireless Haptic Stereo Gaming Headset:

  • Haptic bass: This feature enhances the low-frequency sounds in games, movies, and music, creating a more immersive and realistic experience. You can feel the explosions, gunshots, and engine noises in your ears, adding another dimension to your audio.
  • Detachable microphone: The headset comes with a high-quality unidirectional microphone that reduces ambient noise and captures your voice clearly. You can easily detach it when you don’t need it, or adjust it to your preferred position.
  • Memory foam earpads: The earpads are made of soft memory foam that conforms to your ears and provides comfort and noise isolation. They also have a breathable fabric cover that prevents heat buildup and sweating.
  • USB connection: The headset uses a USB connection that ensures a stable and consistent sound quality. You can plug it into your PC, laptop, or PS4 and enjoy high-fidelity audio without any interference or latency.
  • Customizable EQ: The headset is compatible with the CORSAIR iCUE software, which allows you to customise the sound settings according to your preferences. You can choose from different presets, or create your own EQ profile for different games and genres.
  • Durable design: The headset has a sturdy metal construction that can withstand daily wear and tear. It also has a braided cable that resists tangling and breaking. The headset has a sleek black design with subtle haptic feedback indicators on the earcups.

What we think

When it comes to gaming headsets, this one is truly outstanding. It’s one of the best choices available, offering both comfort and great sound quality. What makes it even more impressive is that it’s priced like a budget headset but delivers a premium experience. Some of the standout features include its cool haptic bass, superb sound, and a microphone that blocks out background noise. However, this headset takes things to another level when you’re playing games or listening to music. It’s also worth noting the stretchy headband, which is not commonly found in wireless gaming headsets in this price range.

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*Prices are subject to change. PC Guide is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more