Can a Router Affect Internet Speed?

Understanding the Relationship between Router and Internet Speed

Can a Router Affect Internet Speed

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While the primary determinant of your internet speed is the plan you subscribe to, it’s natural to wonder if routers influence that speed. In this article, we explore the role routers play in affecting internet speed and whether it’s solely dependent on your chosen plan.

Keep reading to uncover more about this relationship and how it might impact your browsing experience.

Can a Router Affect Internet Speed?

Can a Router Affect Internet Speed?

Generally speaking, your internet speed depends upon the internet plan you have purchased from the ISP. However, that does not mean the router has no interference. Yes, the router matters and directly impacts the internet’s speed.

For example, imagine having a 100 Mbps internet connection plan from your ISP paired with a 5-10-year-old router model. There is a high chance that the router may not perform well, and ultimately, you will receive a slower internet speed.

Therefore, along with the internet speed, the router also matters. The internet connection will be poor in case of an old or unstable router device. Moreover, that is why most experts recommend changing the router model after every 3–5 years and keeping it well-maintained and organized during your period of use. 

A good quality router can help to maximize your internet speed and stability, whereas an older one can slow things down. Lastly, a slow or old router will also affect the internet performance on connected smart devices.

How to Know if a Router Has Gone Bad

Routers mostly do not show any clear signs of bad performance. Instead, they will only show symptoms of lousy performance. This mainly includes slower internet speed, unstable connection, frequent disconnection, and getting hacked.


Pairing your internet connection or plan with a good router is necessary. Otherwise, it can lead to various connection-related issues. Moreover, it is important to note that the router must match the speed of the internet plan. Therefore, we recommend discussing it with your ISP for the best connection and router pair.