Can Routers Get Viruses?

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A router, like any other device, is vulnerable to viruses. There can be several reasons for it to catch a virus. Cybercriminals can easily attack any router and sneak into your network. 

In this article, we will discuss how a router can get viruses and how to avoid them.

Can Viruses Infect Routers? 

Routers, being consistently exposed to potential viruses, are susceptible to cyber-attacks. Neglecting proper router management can also make it prone to hacking. Routers with an operating system are particularly vulnerable to malicious software.

The VPNFilter and Switcher Trojan are two prevalent viruses targeting internet routers. Hackers can infiltrate your system if you fail to change your login credentials from the default ones, leading to malicious activities or attacks. These intrusions may even result in altered router firmware.

Maintaining an active firewall for your router is essential to protect against such threats.

How to Fix an Infected Router

You may be able to fix an infected router by following the below steps:

  • Master resetting the router device
  • Changing its administration credentials
  • Update the router’s firmware

Once you have taken the above steps, run a full antivirus scan on the devices connected to the router.


How to Spot a Router Hit By a Virus

A router impacted by a virus can show symptoms like: 

  • Slower internet connection speed
  • Frequent disconnection or no connection
  • You are redirected to unknown and unsafe websites
  • DNS changes in the router
  • Automatic downloading and installation of anonymous extensions, tools or software.


Many users mistakenly believe that viruses cannot infect routers. However, like computers and laptops, routers are also vulnerable to viral attacks. It is crucial to take preventative measures to protect your router from potential threats. Regularly monitoring your router’s performance can help identify early signs of infection, allowing for timely intervention and countermeasures.