Do Routers Have IP Addresses?

Understanding IP Addresses and Routers: What You Need to Know

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Are you mystified by the concept of an IP address, unsure of its purpose or significance, let alone the security risks it may pose?

Fret not, as we’ll be shedding light on this enigmatic topic in the following article.

What is an IP Address?

Every system that needs to connect to an internet connection or host must have an IP address. AN IP address is mainly responsible for identifying the location of a computer before the mail servers or the web servers can send the data to it.

An IP address is mostly a series of few-digit numbers with dots, for instance,

Does Your Router Have an IP Address?

Do Routers Have IP Addresses?

Yes, most routers have more than two IP addresses assigned to them. An IP address is the same as an ID number through which they are recognized over the internet or the Web.

The reason for having two IP addresses is that it uses one IP address to identify it with a LAN and the other with a public network. 

Moreover, to check the router’s IP address, you can always do it from the Windows command prompt and the ipconfig command.

The benefit of being familiar with your IP address is that it is beneficial when changing your router hardware settings.

Furthermore, your router will have another IP address assigned to a device connected via LAN. The router will have three IP addresses if it has two devices connected.

Where Do I Get My Router’s P Address?

You may need to contact your ISP provider to inquire about the IP address. Otherwise, mostly, the ISP labels them on the router by themselves.


An IP address is crucial for a router, without which it may not be able to connect with the internet world. Therefore, as an internet user, you must be familiar with it as you may need it while using the routers.

Remember to refer to your ISP for the best help whenever you need it.