Is 3Mbps Fast in 2023?

Is 3Mbps Fast

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If you have day-to-day internet use for personal or professional uses, you require a fast internet connection speed. In the below article, we will discuss if 3Mbps is still fast enough to smoothly carry out any internet activity in today’s technological era.

3Mbps Overview    

A 3Mbps internet speed will not be enough, and it is slow to do even basic web browsing. It would still need to be more if you were using it on a single device without any bandwidth share. With a broadband plan like this, you will find that uploading and sending files will be arduous due to slow upload speeds too.

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Though you can still use it, it would cause serious disruptions due to a slower connection speed. It is best to have a 10Mbps internet connection speed for stable and tension-free internet usage.

However, internet users may find that 3Mbps could be enough to complete basic internet tasks without further disappointment. This includes basic internet browsing, using social media, sending emails without heavy attachments, sending invoices, sharing small files, etc.; you can still do it all with a 3Mbps internet speed. 

3Mbps for Working From Home

Suppose your work from home revolves around making continuous video conferences in Zoom etc., downloading or uploading large files, and sharing large files or documents. In that case, some might be possible with a 3 Mbps connection speed.

3Mbps for Gaming

Gamers will find that, when trying to play online they will not have a smooth experience, expect a lot of lag and high latency when connecting to servers. Additionally, downloading the large files associated with modern gaming will take an eternity. Even if you use an ethernet cable to establish a wired connection you will struggle to do pretty much anything with an internet speed of 3Mbps. If you are someone with 3Mbps download speeds then we suggest that you invest in an ethernet cable rather than using WiFi as this will guarantee that you get the best internet speed possible.

We suggest upgrading to a broadband plan with faster download and upload speeds. To have the best experience we recommend you invest in the best gaming router to reduce lag and keep your online gaming hassle-free,

3Mbps for Video Streaming

Streaming has become the main way to digest film and media. Streaming services such as Netflix say that for high definition content streaming 3Mbps will suffice. However, you will find that when multiple people are competing for such small bandwidth you will face constant buffering and may be forced to stream in standard definition.

3Mbps for Music Streaming

For music streaming, you will find that a speed of 3Mbps will be enough. Audio files are generally small so listening to music on Spotify or Apple Music should be a good experience. You may find that downloading whole albums in HD will be a chore.

3Mbps for Multi-device Usage

You will find that a 3Mbps internet speed will struggle to support multiple devices. There simply isn’t enough bandwidth for more than one device to adequately use. This will result in a lot of buffering or lag if multiple people are trying to stream or online game at the same time. For large households having an internet speed of 100Mbps or above is recommended. You will also need a router to help spread the signal, if you need recommendations check out our guide for the best routers for large homes.

Is 3Mbps Fast Enough for YouTube Videos?

There are no strict internet speed requirements set by YouTube for watching videos on it. Though, a 3Mbps can make you watch YouTube videos. However, more would be needed. Otherwise, it can result in slow buffering or video loading. A faster internet speed of at least 10Mbps, as a minimum, is mainly for watching HD videos.


Overall, 3Mbps is not a fast internet speed, it can result in a bad internet experience even in small households. Most internet service providers don’t offer plans with download speeds this slow, unless in more rural areas. Therefore, we recommend going for a higher fiber internet plan, like a 20 Mbps plan, as a minimum internet speed. 

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be any fun to use your 3Mbps plan for video calling, online gaming, HD video streaming or downloading, Netflix, YouTube, etc. As a result, you will feel exhausted and frustrated, especially when involved in some urgent personal work.

Gigabit internet is becoming more commonplace, so making the jump is recommended for achieving high-speed internet connections and future-proofing your household. If you don’t know where to start check out our guide on the best gigabit-ready routers.