What are the Best Router Settings for Gaming?

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Gaming is a lot of fun, but only when it is undisrupted. Poor internet performance can become the worst nightmare for gamers. When this happens, gamers normally blame their ISP or router. Unfortunately, most gamers usually do not consider checking their router settings to see if it can make a difference. If you are experiencing gaming issues, the article below can help you select the best router settings.

Best Router Settings for Gaming?

Consider these settings for the best gaming performance without any interruptions:

Using a Suitable Router

Many routers are available in the market for gaming use only. However, some are better than others in speed, range, and stability. Use the one with more antennas, bands, and WAN or LAN ports. A Wi-Fi 6 is the best choice for offering smooth gaming speed.

Wireless or a Wired Connection

Most ISP providers offer a combined device option with a wireless router and a wired modem. Avoid those, and use a separate wired or wireless router for gaming. This way, the device will feel manageable with the internet speed and can offer the best support even for fast-paced games.

If you want a wired connection, try using the CAT6a cables. These cables can provide up to 10GB of connections with a distance coverage of 55 meters. So, it can be an ideal choice for your gaming support.

However, if you plan to use a separate wireless router connection, an 802.11ac-supported device is the most recommended. A Wi-Fi 6 with 5 GHz bands can be an ideal choice to provide an internet connection to each room quickly.

Qos or Quality of Service

Next, the QoS matters the most, no matter which type of device setting you use. They help to manage the network traffic on your device. This, in return, helps your router for gaming purposes. You can control each device by prioritizing it. Let’s assume you have prioritized your gaming PC through QoS settings. It would mean the PC’s internet speed will not be affected regardless of the traffic in the internet connection.


With the above information, you may know what internet settings can be better for your gaming use. No matter what type of device you use, make sure that it is fully upgraded and consigning with the latest trends to provide smooth functionality for an undisruptive gaming experience.