The Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti And RTX 3060 Release Dates Have Been Leaked

Looks like Nvidia are adding to the 30 series lineup very soon...

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We are fresh off the back of the launch of the 3060 Ti – an immensely popular card that has bolstered and heightened Nvidia’s line-up of budget orientated GPUs, and now it looks like Nvidia is going to be continuing their release of Ti (titanium) branded cards with the upcoming launch of the 3080 Ti, and the standard edition RTX 3060.

What We Know

The leak comes courtesy of Igor’s lab, from none other than Igor themself, who has been pretty accurate when it comes to leaks in the past. According to Igor the RTX 3080 Ti will be launching in February 2021, and the 3060 will be coming to shelves in early January 2021.

Whether or not more information is going to be provided by Nvidia regarding the actual launch date and time is still a mystery, but if the launch of the 3060 Ti is anything to go by it could be that trustworthy rumours are all we have to go on until Nvidia ‘surprise’ us all with the announcement and imminent release of the card just like they did with the 3060 Ti.

Igor also mentioned something interesting about the 3060: that it will be made available in both 6GB and 12GB form. This is promising stuff, as it means that users are going to have a lot of choice when it comes to Nvidia’s premier and first choice for budget-friendly GPUs. Whether or not Nvidia will be stretching this memory variance to its other cards (like the 3080 that’s stuck with 10Gb of memory) is yet to be seen – but considering that the 3060 is likely going to be Nvidia’s most popular card, its great that this choice is available.

What do we know so far about the 3080 Ti?

Well, so far we are a bit shady on the grounds of rock-solid details, but its pretty common amongst the rumours and leaks to know that the card will be launching with 20Gb of vRAM, which is a great start. We also know that the specifications of the card are going to have it rank between a 3080 and a 3090 in terms of its performance, but the actual nitty-gritty details like CUDA counts and so on are still unknown to us.

However, some rumours suggest that the card could be outfitted with up to 34 teraflops of power, and that the card is going to be set once again on the Samsung 8nm processor node – which is pretty par for the course, as Nvidia was setting up their 30 series to be reliant on this process from the very

What Does This Mean For You?

Well, now that the supposed release date of the 3080 Ti has been leaked, as a consumer you have a couple of options open to yourself. Its obvious what the first one is: Wait for the launch of the 3060 and the 3080 Ti so that you have more options available to you as a PC gamer, and potentially enjoy even more GPU power than a 3080 at a lower cost than a 3090.

Whether or not this card is capable of outperforming AMD’s 6900 XT, we have yet to see -just as we are yet to find out whether there is going to be a 3070 Ti or a 3090 Ti as well to complete the compliment. We are also unsure about the return of the ‘Super’ moniker – but we will just have to wait and see if it makes a return.

All there is to do now though is wait for the official confirmation from Nvidia of the release and to hope that by the time these cards come out that supply will be great enough to satisfy all of the customers around the world who have so far been let down by the poor releases from both Nvidia and AMD. And Sony and Microsoft if we are being honest, it hasn’t been a great year for hardware releases.