A Guide To Cloud Gaming Services

a guide to cloud gaming

With the launch of Google Stadia and services like PlayStation Now, cloud gaming is an increasingly popular way to play the games you love. For those who are used to playing games stored in your computer or console, the idea of using the cloud to store and play games is a new one. We’ve written … Read more

Widespread web outage thanks to Cloudflare issue

A range of websites and popular Internet services went down this morning, due to an identified problem at web performance company Clouflare. The issue hit a selection of sites and services, including Discord, Shopify, Peloton and Fitbit. The widespread web outage was due to what Cloudflare reported as a “service issue”. According to The Verge, … Read more

How To Activate SoundCloud

How To Activate SoundCloud?

Soundcloud is a legendary music streaming website that has allowed countless artists to find their voice and broadcast their music without fees or difficulty. All you have to do to get involved in the world of SoundCloud is to make an account and start listening! What was once just a website, is now an app … Read more

Microsoft Partners with SpaceX to Become the Space Industry’s Go-To Cloud Computing Company

Microsoft is investing in space. That’s right – Microsoft is hoping that it can make Azure the space industry’s platform of choice with a new cloud computing company: Azure Space. The tech giant has partnered with SpaceX to “address some of the toughest technology challenges that our customers face in space: dealing with the vast … Read more

Cyber Monday HP deals in 2022

Cyber Monday HP deals

Welcome, and gaze upon the Cyber Monday HP deals we’ve found to save you money and the time spent looking. HP is a giant of the tech world and creates productivity-focused hardware and software alike. Hopefully, you’ll find the deal you’re looking for this Cyber Monday. Best HP deals in 2022 ENVY Inspire 7955e Wireless … Read more

How to transfer files between iPhone and Mac

How to transfer file between iphone and mac

One of the main features of the Apple ecosystem is the file transfer between linked devices. You can easily transfer files from your iPhone to your Mac with the help of iCloud services. There are many reasons why you might want to transfer files between these devices and there is a solution that will surely … Read more

Fix the ‘iOS your network settings prevent content from loading privately’ error

iOS your network settings prevent content from loading privately

You’re here because you’re wondering, what in the iOS does “your network settings prevent content from loading privately” mean? Well, fear not. We explain and take you through the steps you need below. Apple has a habit of turning existing technologies into a rebranded, premium wonder (that more or less works the same but with … Read more

Best DNS Servers for Gaming in 2023

The best of those DNS servers are the ones that are fast and reliable for gaming. But what’s a DNS server, after all? And most importantly, how can it help in gaming?  We have developed this guide to answer all your questions and to help you enjoy a secure, fast, and reliable connection for an … Read more

GAIMIN: monetising spare system cycles, NFTs and beyond

With the worlds of gaming and the blockchain becoming evermore intertwined, team PC Guide is keeping an interested eye on developments and future possibilities.  We’re not alone though, as the potential for distributed computing is being well and truly utilized for the benefit of both the blockchain and gamers. It’s a developing tech junction that … Read more

Is Intel 13th Gen worth it?

Is intel 13th gen worth it

The new Intel 13th Gen processors are certainly worth waiting for. The reason is quite simple: these processors will offer the “world’s best gaming experience,” according to Intel’s CEO, Patrick Gelsinger. Raptor Lake architecture is expected to ensure the new CPUs reach 6.0 GHz. This is a 24% performance improvement when compared with Intel 12th … Read more

Is Nvidia Shield Worth Buying?

Is the Nvidia Shield worth it - Shield and remote shot

Most of the streaming sticks you find on the market only cost around $50. They are mostly from Amazon, Google, and Roku, all supporting 4K video.  If you look at the price of the Nvidia Shield TV, you will see it with a price tag three times higher. And this is a massive price to … Read more