Best Gaming Desks of 2023 – 15 Gaming Computer Desks Reviewed

Best Gaming Desk

If you’re looking for a new gaming desk for your new, inspired gaming PC setup, or you’re looking to finally replace your old, wobbly desk, you’re in the right place. Gaming PC setups deserve the best gaming desks. Not only that these will improve your gamer life– or at least make your desk look clean, … Read more

Looking for the best gifts for PlayStation lovers in 2023? We’ve got you covered

best playstation lovers gift

PlayStation is having a two-generation success story for the first time in the console brands history, not to mention the PlayStation 5 being the best year one console launch ever. PlayStation lovers pride themselves on quality first-party exclusives and innovation, which means they’ve probably got their games already or pre-ordered. What about when it comes … Read more

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Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard in 2023

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

On the face of it, a budget mechanical keyboard may seem a little hard to find due to the cost and premium nature of the mechanical switches, materials used, and the tech that goes into them. Thankfully, now mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular, one can only assume manufacturing costs have been reduced, enabling well-known … Read more

Best Gaming Earbuds 2022 – Noise Canceling, Microphone, and More

best gaming earbuds

Many people prefer earbuds over larger over-ear (or on-ear) headphones, and while some audio snobs might look down upon such a preference, we don’t blame you; nor do we judge you. Earbuds are lighter, more portable, offer excellent noise isolation, and these days can even produce very comparable sound quality to the huge cans that … Read more

Best Cheap Gaming Desk In 2023 (Glass, Steel-Frame, Wooden)

best cheap gaming desk

A computer desk not only provides support to your computer setups but also plays a great role in the aesthetics of your PC rigs. Some of these computer desks provide features like height adjustability, special-purpose drawers, etc. However, some prefer a plain computer desk as it looks cleaner and often has a larger surface area … Read more

Best 27-Inch Monitor: Top 5 2023 Review

best 27 inch monitor

Compared to your traditional 24-inch display, there are many benefits to a 27-inch computer monitor. For one, it takes up more of your field of view than a 24-inch monitor would at an equivalent distance. This allows for more immersive gaming and better screen real estate for multitasking and productivity. However, this larger size comes … Read more