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Is a Samsung smart fridge worth it?

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on April 25, 2023
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They boast a respected reputation in the home electronics game, but are Samsung smart fridges worth the money?

Samsung have been manufacturing smart fridges since 2016, and their range keeps growing. Many of these appliances come with some incredibly cutting edge features. Think cameras which monitor the expiry dates on your food, or recipe suggestions which link directly to your mobile.

The recent addition of Family Hub™ to fridges like the Samsung 23 cu. ft. Smart Counter Depth 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with Family Hub™ & Beverage Center means you can manage your household calendar and use music streaming platforms right from your fridge door. What’s more, you can link the smart fridge to other smart appliances in your home – like smart doorbells to see who’s outside when you’re cooking dinner.

There are a lot of ways a Samsung smart fridge is worth the money, for tech obsessives or foodie fanatics. However, they aren’t for everyone.

Are Samsung smart fridges worth the money?

It is true that Samsung smart fridges can get pretty expensive. Prices tend to range from around $2,000 to upwards of $4,000, which is a lot more than what you would expect to pay for a ‘dumb’ fridge not connected to the internet. If you’re not a fan of the smart home concept, or don’t really need any of the special features, the cost probably just won’t be worth it.

However, if you enjoy the ease and fun of smart appliances, or run a particularly busy household, a Samsung smart fridge might be worth the money. Picture this – you’re on the way home and completely forgot what you have in the fridge, plus you have company coming round for dinner. With a Samsung smart fridge, you can check what’s in the fridge remotely via a mobile app. The appliance can also suggest you a recipe and according shopping list. You’d save on buying unnecessary ingredients!

PC Guide Expert Opinion

Samsung are experts in electronics, and their approach to smart fridges is no different. If you are a fan of smart home tech, want a more organised household or are just keen to bring your kitchen into the future, we reckon a Samsung smart fridge is worth the money.

However, if you’re not that fussed about connecting your fridge to the internet, you might want to choose a (slightly less expensive) normal fridge. But it’s up to you!

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