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Let’s not beat around the bush here, we all participate in downloading torrents. The abundance of subscriptions, things and methods of paying for new media is getting out of control. Sometimes, you just can’t afford it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but also, the world of geo-blocking and having a VPN that could theoretically stump your download speeds is not always best for streaming new movies on platforms not available to the wider world. Whether it’s the BBC for America or HBO Max for the UK, things should be easier.

Downloading torrents of things is nowhere near as safe as it should be either. The constant hounding by downloads, especially on iOS and Android, can drive you utterly mad. Click anywhere but the designated spot and you’ll be sent to an inappropriate advert or some fake virus scan thing. It’s maddening.

Add on the additional fact that you’ll need to sit there all day on slow internet connections waiting for the peer-to-peer connections to collate, download and finalise your wanted file can be a big turn off to do this. Also, please, stop using movie streaming websites like the one that has numbers in it or whatever. There’s a safer, easier way right under your nose.

Seedboxes help you get around that. They’re based in countries or states around the world that have lax laws and provide server space to you for a fee – or sometimes you’ll find one that has free, minimal space – that will do the heavy lifting of downloading a torrent without you even needing to be logged in.

I use Seedr, a service that provides a minimalist and low-cost option, with incredible download speeds. I enjoy playing ‘abandonware’ and hard to find games that might not be available on Steam or other services. For instance, I recently downloaded Cryostasis, but because the torrent file has low seeds and high peers (more downloaders than uploaders), it would have been a two-week download to my PC.

Rather than doing that, I through it to Seedr via the Magnet link and came back the next day to the game sitting patiently for me to then download at full speed. No failures, no-nonsense. I just pressed download and boom, it was like getting it straight from the source.

How to use Seedr

Whether you’re using a freebie account or paying, downloading to Seedr is really easy. Simply grab the magnet link (usually right click and then copy link) and paste the long string into the box at the top of Seedr’s interface. It’ll immediately grab it and begin downloading if there are any seeds. Even if you’re grabbing an obscure thing, you won’t need to wait around for it to download, you can easily close and come back later.

That’s it! You can download, delete and manage your files directly in Seedr, there’s not much else to it! I’d wholly recommend looking into the service, as it’s saved entire upcoming projects for PC Guide and other things in the future.