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How to Broadcast Yourself in PSVR 2 Playthroughs

It's easy to share your gaming skills with the world

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on January 30, 2024
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Want to know how to broadcast yourself in PSVR 2 playthroughs? We’ve got just the guide for you.

The PSVR 2 got released recently, with some new exciting ways to play. Sony’s next-generation latest PSVR 2 will be far better than its predecessor with some seriously enhanced features. You’ll be able to broadcast yourself during games for your friends to watch and listen to your in-game reaction. This function is perfect for streamers, whether you want to broadcast to the world or just your mates.

So, if you plan to buy a PSVR 2, the below read is a must to add more fun to your gaming life.

Broadcasting Yourself While Playing Games on PSVR 2

Broadcasting yourself is ar feature that Sony offers with its latest PSVR 2. At first, this excitingly cool feature was unavailable in PSVR2 review units. However, it is now enabled, allowing users to record their live gaming reactions and movements to other players. You can also share gameplay via screenshots and screen sharing.

How to broadcast playthroughs on PSVR 2



Connect camera to PS5 console

Since this feature would require you to attach an input recording to capture your movements for other players’ display, you must mount your PS5 Camera from the Console to use this feature. So, first, connect your HD PS5 Camera to the PS5 Console.



Share your gameplay

Once you have connected your camera. the other player or members can see your live in-game reactions or movements. Just imagine how exciting that would be for you to be broadcasting yourself to your friends or other players while speeding on the VR edition of Gran Turismo 7 or other awesome games available. The broadcasting feature is already embedded in PSVR 2 software.

Do you need a camera to stream gameplay on PSVR 2?

Most users wonder if they would require a PS5 HD camera for streaming their gameplay. No, Sony does not need you to buy a PS5 Camera. But if you want others to watch you while playing a game, it will be necessary to have a PS5 HD Camera.


Broadcasting yourself during live gameplay is fun and adds to that game’s excitement. So, if you already have planned on buying the latest PSVR 2, you’ll be happy to know about its play through broadcasting. This cool feature will let your loved one watch your live reactions and movements while playing the game. However, make sure to have a PS5 HD camera handy. Otherwise, it would only be possible to enjoy this feature with it.

No doubt the PSVR 2 already has some exciting features. However, some users still find it unfulfilling their intense gaming fun needs. As time passes, Sony may offer more exciting features in the PSVR 2 in whatever way possible. But till then, we can all wait and leave that to the future.

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