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PS VR2 vs Oculus Quest 2

It's not hard to see the differences in the battle of PS VR2 vs Oculus Quest 2, but who reigns supreme
Last Updated on January 3, 2024
PS VR2 vs Oculus quest 2
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The new PS VR2 is the epitome of Sony’s virtual reality technology. Early tests confirmed that this headset is far better than its predecessor: it doesn’t require any external camera, the setup is more comfortable than ever, it uses a cable that is easier to connect, the new Sense controllers are way more responsive thanks to Sony’s advancements in the trigger architecture. Still, one question many may be wondering is how it will stand in the bout of PS VR2 vs the Oculus Quest 2.

Below, we’ll dive into various comparisons between the PS VR2 and Meta’s well-known Oculus Quest 2.

Meta Quest 2 vs PS VR2: Design

The Oculus Quest 2’s design has survived through the years amazingly. They managed to build a compact, comfortable, and good-looking piece of tech. It adjusts soundly to any head and the nice foam padding makes the feeling almost pass inadvertently. It’s amazing that this VR station weighs less than the new PS VR2, with dimensions at 7.5 x 4 x 5.2 inches and 1.1 pounds (503 g) the Meta Quest 2 weighs 100g less than the PS VR2.

On the other side, the PlayStation VR2 has a characteristic black-and-white finish with a solid white color in the front and a futuristic look. It almost looks like it came from the future. The rounded edges and solid colors give the Sony VR station a comfortable look. It’s a little heavier than the Oculus Quest 2 at 600g, but its weight is more balanced because it uses the PS5 system to work. Sony accommodated its weight much better, while the Quest 2 has all its weight in the front.

Meta Quest 2 vs PS VR2: Controllers

The button configuration on both devices is relatively equal. The Quest 2 features two shoulder buttons, a clickable analog stick, and a pair of face buttons. The PS VR2 has the same configuration: the right controller has a ​PS button, an options button, the standard action buttons (Circle/Cross), two triggers, the R1 button, the R2 button, and the right clickable stick. The left controller has the same config, but instead of the circle and cross buttons, it has two action buttons Triangle and Square.

Regarding tracking, the PlayStation VR2 controller has a motion sensor. It’s a six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope + three-axis accelerometer) and a capacitive sensor: Finger Touch DetectionIR, plus an LED position tracker.

According to early previews, the PS VR2 controllers felt more intuitive than any others within the competition. The system knew exactly where their hands were and gave stunning feedback. The Trigger Effect Sony has added to the Sense Controllers is fast, plus the haptic feedback helps you be immersed completely in the game. Although the Quest 2 offers nice immersion, the controllers are not a match for the realism the PS VR2 has to offer.

Meta Quest 2 vs PS VR2: Eye Tracking

Sony’s device has been improved with eye-tracking from Tobii. According to the PS VR2’s official website, the device will allow for enhanced emotional response and enhanced expression when interacting with fellow players online, because it has four cameras for headset and controller tracking, and an IR camera for eye tracking per eye.

The Oculus Quest 2 didn’t change much in regard to the previous tracking technology. It still feels on point thanks to its four cameras that scan the whole area around you to determine precisely your position and movements. Plus, its internal sensor can track your orientation. On the whole, it gives a total of 6-degrees-of-freedom experience.

Meta Quest 2 vs PS VR2: Specs

The PS VR2 uses the power of the PS5 to deliver graphics, while the Quest 2 uses a mobile processor. This gives the Sony device more power right out of the box, while the Quest 2 performance falls back when used standalone. However, the Quest 2 can be plugged into a VR gaming-ready PC (which can be quite expensive) and deliver a gaming performance on par with Sony’s headset.

And yes, just like everyone says, playing with cables plugged into your headset can sometimes kill the vibe relinquishing the immersion from the VR experience.

 Playstation VR2Oculus Quest 2
Display MethodOLEDLCD
Panel Resolution2000 x 2040 per eye1832 x 1920 per eye
Panel Refresh RateUp to 120HzUp to 120Hz
Field of View (FoV)110°104°

Meta Quest 2 vs PS VR2: Expert View

In order to compare the performance and gaming experiences of these two VR devices, we must bear in mind that the Oculus Quest 2 will need to be plugged into a gaming PC. Otherwise, the comparisons wouldn’t be fair at all. The PS VR2 uses the power of the PS5 to deliver cutting-edge graphics and an immersive experience, while the Quest 2 as a standalone device will offer a nice experience but the games available are not at the same level.

Once we compare both devices connected to a computer or to the PS5 we can set expectations regarding prices. It will be more expensive to purchase a VR-gaming-ready PC to use in tandem with the Quest 2 than to buy a PS5 to use with the PS VR2. The incredible panel resolution and field of view behind Sony’s VR system are more than enough to leave the Quest 2 in the dust. 

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