Where To Buy AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Graphics Cards

AMD Are Releasing Their Next Gen Processors, Including The Long Awaited 'Big Navi'

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The AMD Radeon GPU reveal event just ended! You can catch up with all the crucial information here, but right now we are excited to bring you the latest information on AMD’s new heavy-hitting GPU, the Radeon RX 6900 XT.

AMD are having an amazing year so far, with their Zen 3 processors launching for computers, the new Xbox and PS5 consoles featuring AMD CPUs and GPUs, and now we see their brand new Radeon 6000 series coming to light, with the 6800 XT and the RX 6800 in direct competition with Nvidia’s Ampere range of GPUs – basically, a lot is going on for gamers in 2020.

So, find out all the latest details on the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT right here, including all of the specifications, its release date and of course the latest places where you can buy yourself a RX 6900 XT.

What Can You Expect From the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Series

The AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT is simply put, the best AMD graphics card coming to the market in 2020. if you are looking for top tier in-game performance then you can find it here. Just look at the specifications below for an idea of how the RX 6900 XT is going to perform.

Radeon RX 6900 XT Specifications: 

  • 80 Compute units
  • 2015 MHz Game Clock
  • 2250 MHz Boost Clock
  • 128MB Infinity Cache
  • 16GB GDDR6 Memory
  • 300W Total Board Power

The very first thing to note here is that the RX 6900 XT is a direct competitor to Nvidia’s 3090 GPU. What’s interesting though is that it isn’t at all as big as the green competition, with the RX 6900 XT measuring in at the same size as the 6800 XT, which is an impressive form factor.

In terms of in-game performance, the RX 6900 XT is apparently absolutely capable of going toe to toe with the 3090 in terms of both 4k capabilities and FPS output. In fact (as you can see in the image above), the 6900 Xt is matching the 3090 in nearly every game it is tested in, even blowing the competition out of the water when it comes to Forza: Horizon 4.

Of course, this might have something to do with the fact that the 6900 XT will be shipping with the same Rage-mode as the 6800 XT, a one-button click that activates an overclock feature on the GPU that takes advantage of the unused headspace in the GPU to push its performance to the absolute max. This mode also takes advantage of the AMD Smart Access Memory, a feature that links up the AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU to the 6000 series GPU to make the most out of the memory on each component, and even allows for up to a 13% performance increase on the base clock of the card itself, which is already impressive.

You can also expect features such as full hardware support for DX12 Ultimate, with AMD Fidelity FX offering the likes of Contrast adaptive sharpening, variable shading effects, ambient occlusion, screen-space reflections, super-resolution, and denoiser effects for the ultimate in-game performance, alongside the Ray Tracing and enhanced performance that comes with RDNA2.

In fact, you are getting a little more for your money here, as the RX 6900 XT offers a 65 percent performance-per-watt increase over original RDNA architecture cards. All of this for $500 less than the 3090. impressive.

What is the release date of the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Series?

Due to the staggered approach to the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series launch, the more budget 6800 and 6800 XT models will be releasing earlier than the 6900 XT on November 18th. But, you won’t have to wait long. The Radeon RX 6900 XT will be launching on December 8th 2020!

How much will the new AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Series Cost?

The Radeon RX 6900 XT will be launching at prices starting at $999. This is certainly a competitive price compared to the RTX 3090, Nvidia’s most powerful GPU to date, coming in at $1500+.

Where can I buy the new AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Series Graphics Cards?

Where To Buy AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT (Big Navi)


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