How To Share A WiFi Password

Are you tired of typing out your Wi-Fi password time and time again? We have the solution for you here.

How To Share Wifi Password

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There’s one obstacle if you want to share WiFi: password sharing. Chances are you’ve lost the card with the password on it, so how do you get it from a device onto a friend or relative’s device so they can use your connection?

Sharing a WiFi password is a very simple task. So we’re going to be showing you how to find it on an existing device and then share it so that all of your guests can enjoy the internet without any of the hassle.

Share WiFi password From Your Phone

Thanks to new updates from both Apple and Android, you can now share your WiFi password from your phone. This allows you to use your phone to connect all of your other devices to the WiFi without having to type out long codes over and over again.

Both iPhones and Androids have slightly different methods of sharing the WiFi with other devices, so let’s go through both methods now.


Apple Phones

Apple released a new update in iOS 11 that allows you to share Wi-Fi, so you will need to be on iOS 11 or a later update.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is on and search for connections.



Open Settings

On an iPhone, first open Settings then click on Wi-Fi. Now scroll down until you see something like “Wi-Fi Password” and tap on it.



WiFi Password

Now scroll down until you see something like \”WiFi Password\” and tap on it. Once you’ve done this, you’ll get a popup asking if you want to share the password for WiFi with other people.

Bear in mind that you will have to be close to another iPhone user to do this. They will also need to have their Wi-Fi on and searching for a network.

Once you have shared the WiFi password with them, their phone should automatically connect with your WiFi. You can do this for your friend’s phones or your own devices such as MacBooks and iPads.


While this is a great feature, some people have found issues with the popup only showing up sometimes. So, you might not be able to share your Wi-Fi if the popup doesn’t appear for you.


Android Phones

On an Android phone, sharing your WiFi password is even easier than on an iPhone. This is because you don’t need to rely on a popup to share your WiFi. Instead, there is a button in Settings that you need to find.



Make Sure That Your WiFi And Bluetooth Are Turned On

First, make sure that your WiFi and Bluetooth are turned on. Then open settings and select WiFi.



Scroll Down And Select WiFi Network

Next, scroll down until you find the name of your current WiFi network. Tap on it and tap on the three dots icon located next to it. A menu will appear where you can choose to share the WiFi passcode.

Here there will be a QR code in which other devices can scan to connect without having to type in the long WiFi code.


Can You Share Your Password Through Windows?

No, Windows doesn’t currently have a feature that allows you to share your WiFi with other devices. However, there is still a way that you can share the password easier than having to type it out multiple times.

This is through copying the WiFi code through Settings.



Click On WiFi Connection

Open Settings and head to Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center. Click on the name of your WiFi connection and find the Wireless Properties button.



Head To The Security Tab

Head to the Security tab and click on Show Characters. The password should now be visible in the Netwrk Security Key option.

You can copy this password and send it to other devices so that you can copy it there and paste it into the WiFi password box. This saves time if you don’t want to have to type out the password again. It can also be useful when you have misplaced the WiFi password and need to find it for future use.


Learning how to share your WiFi password is straightforward. All you need to do is turn on both your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and search for networks to connect to. There is a different method for Android and Apple phones, so make sure that you’re using the right method.

Windows doesn’t utilize a feature enabling you to share your password with others, but it does have a very useful feature in which you can see the Wi-Fi password to send it to others through copy and paste.

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