Renew Lease Wi-Fi – Guide

Renew Lease WIFI

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When the Wi-Fi stops working, all you can think about is how to get it back on as soon as possible, especially if you rely on it for work or other activities.

The first stop is naturally the router, where you may turn it off and on again in the hopes of a quick fix.

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But what if this doesn’t work? Then the problem may not be with the router‘s connection, but rather an issue with the settings of your device. This may be when you need to try the “renew Wi-Fi lease” on your device. 

If your iPhone cannot connect to Wi-Fi, you may attempt to renew the lease by following some simple steps. This procedure typically resolves your Wi-Fi problem and allows you to reconnect to the network.

This article will define renewing a Wi-Fi lease and demonstrate how to fix this problem on an iPhone.

What Does “Renewing The Lease” Mean?

So, what does renewing a Wi-Fi lease mean? For those of us who are not very tech-savvy, you will be happy to know that the answer is not complicated at all. 

The reason that this method works in fixing the Wi-Fi is that when you try renewing the Wi-Fi lease, this might reset your router’s DHCP server.

Which is responsible for automatically delivering IP addresses as well as network settings to the network’s IP hosts. This may result in the assignment of a new IP address to your phone. 

As a result, this renewal may fix connection difficulties caused by conflicting IP addresses easily.


Renewing The Wi-Fi Lease On An iPhone X/11/12

Renewing the lease on an iPhone X/11/12 is super easy and can be done with a few taps. Here is how to do it. 



Navigate To Settings

Navigate to Settings, then Wi-Fi to begin



Tap Icon

There will be a data icon beside the network you’re attempting to join. Tap this icon.



Renew Lease

Continue scrolling down and tapping “Renew Lease.”




To confirm your choice, hit “Renew Lease” once again.

And just like that, you should be done! After renewing the Wi-Fi lease, you should have no issue connecting back to the Wi-fi. 


What If This Does Not Work?

If none of the preceding techniques successfully renews your iPhone’s Wi-Fi lease or connects your phone back to the Wi-Fi, you may also use AnyFix – iOS System Recovery to help with your issue. 

This is an iPhone/iPad troubleshooter software that can be used to repair the issue. It works with a wide number of iPhone models and provides expert assistance with a variety of system difficulties.

Here are the simple steps on how to work this software to fix the Wi-Fi issue.



Install AnyFix

Install AnyFix onto your computer, Using USB cables, connect your computer to your iPhone.



Launch AnyFix

Launch the AnyFix software on your PC and select System Repair > 50+ iPhone Problems > Start Now.



Standard Repair Mode

From the drop-down option, choose the Standard Repair mode. Select Download as requested to begin the process of obtaining the firmware necessary to fix your iPhone.

After the download is finished, click the Fix Now icon.



Confirmation Screen

AnyFix will attempt to fix the device automatically following the preceding procedures. Once it has all been fixed, you should see a confirmation screen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some questions about Wi-Fi renewal? Check out the FAQ section below to find more answers.

Is Renewal Of A Lease Effective At Increasing Wi-Fi Speed?

Renewal of a Wi-Fi lease enables your phone to obtain a new IP address. This does not influence the Wi-Fi connection’s speed. So no, this process will not make your internet faster.

Does It Take Long To Renew The Lease?

The time necessary to renew a Wi-Fi lease is determined by the time required to provide a new IP address to your phone. It is frequently a pretty quick procedure.

This operation, however, may take longer than anticipated if there are insufficient available IP addresses. 

For example, if you’re at a busy cafe with a high concentration of Wi-Fi users, your device may take some time to identify a free IP address.

Is Renewal Of A Wi-Fi Lease A Safe Practice?

Yes. In any case, the majority of devices contain a feature that allows them to renew their Wi-Fi leases automatically. Manual Wi-Fi renewal is the same and so is just as safe.

Can Wi-Fi Renew Lease Change Your IP Address?

The response is frequently positive, as lease renewal requires your phone to get a new IP address.

If the lease period has not elapsed and there is no accessible replacement IP address on your network, the phone may maintain the original IP address.


Renewing the lease on the Wi-Fi is a very quick and easy way to fix any connection issues you may have on your devices.

If you are having issues with connection on your Apple products and renewal does not seem to help, then try using the troubleshooting software AnyFix, which should solve your issues.