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Can I 3D Print Overnight?

Risky business
Last Updated on April 5, 2023
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Wondering whether you can 3D print overnight? Read on for all the answers.

Some 3D printing projects can take ages to complete. This can spark impatience, thinking about different shortcuts or hacks to complete them sooner. On average, a 3D printing project takes 30 minutes to 12 hours. However, sometimes it can take more than a day – even days to complete depending upon the model’s details. Is there a way to save time by printing overnight in such a case? 

Let’s talk about this in detail below:

Can You 3D Print Overnight?

So, technically, you can 3D print overnight by turning your printer on and leaving it to print overnight. However, we don’t really recommend doing that, as leaving your printer unattended is incorrect. You might save time for a particular printing project that requires several hours or days to complete. However, you are doing it at the cost of risking your life and property.

Leaving the printer on all night can be very dangerous. Several serious fire incidents have been reported where printers or other electrical devices were left turned on by users and unattended at night. This typically happens due to bad wiring or overheating of the printers. Besides that, it may only sometimes be feasible to do that. Sometimes a tiny bug can cause an error, and all printing stays paused all night, making it all go in vain throughout the night.


Is it Safe to do 3D Printing at Home?

3D printing at home can be dangerous and can cause some of the following hazards:

  • It gives out ultraviolet light, which can be harmful
  • It can generate nano/ultrafine-sized particles
  • It can heat up and cause fire
  • Higher voltage consumption


Although you technically can do so, it is not a good idea to do 3D printing at home. Especially, leaving it for an overnight project can become more dangerous from a health and safety point of view. Since you leave it unattended, any dangerous incident caused may not be stoppable. Therefore, it is best to avoid it and use the services of professionals in such cases.

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