Best AI audio enhancer in 2024 – our top picks

Improve audio quality with AI audio enhancer

The Best AI audio enhancers in the market offer superior technology to enhance and optimize audio quality, resulting in an immersive and captivating listening experience. These AI-powered solutions utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning

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If you are looking for the best AI audio enhancer, we have got you covered right here.

Artificial Intelligence is making a huge impact on every sector from education to the music industry. Yes, you heard right, AI is now dominating the music industry by generating unique music outputs, enhancing audio quality, and overcoming creativity blocks.

If you are a music producer or musician who still uses traditional methods to enhance the audio quality then you must try this AI audio enhancer tool to enhance your audio. It is very quick and offers magical results.

The AI audio enhancer is a powerful AI tool that completely revolutionizes the sound-hearing experience. The AI tool uses machine learning to enhance and fine-tune audio quality. It effortlessly filters out unwanted background noise, improves speech clarity, and fine-tunes overall sound quality with the help of predictive algorithms.

We have listed the best AI audio enhancer for you that improves overall sound quality and ensures a soothing listening experience. So. let’s jump into it.

What are the best AI audio enhancers?

  1. Adobe Audition
  3. Auphonic
  4. LANDR
  5. Descript

Best AI audio enhancer overall – Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition, a top pick professional audio workstation with AI audio enhancer.

Adobe Creative Suite has professional-level tools in its bag and the Adobe Audition audio-enhancing AI-powered software is no exception. The name itself denotes the specialization of this tool. Adobe Audition is a professional-level audio mixing, enhancing, and music production tool that is used for audio editing and enhancing.

It offers advanced audio features including sound mixing, music production, speech clarity, multitrack editing, audio restoration, effects, processing, voiceover recording and editing, and more. The standout feature of Adobe Audition is the Essent Sound Panel that transforms normal audio quality into professional-grade quality. You can restore the audio quality to the highest level with this tool.

Adobe Audition is the best audio editing and enhancer AI tool for music producers, audio professionals, video creators, and musicians who want advanced audio editing and post-production features with support for multiple third-party tools integration.

Adobe Audition Pros

  • AI-powered enhancer
  • Advanced post-production features
  • Restores sound at the highest quality
  • Automatically restores damaged files.
  • Free version available


  • A bit of a learning curve
  • Slightly expensive


Adobe Audition premium plans start at $27.99/mo.

Best free AI audio enhancer – LALAL.AI

A screen shot of a website with a music player featuring AI audio enhancer for top picks.

LALAL.AI is an AI-powered audio enhancer tool that quickly filters out unwanted noise and optimizes overall audio quality. This AI tool can accurately operate different elements of audio such as bass, drum, vocals, piano, and guitars(electric + acoustic).

The AI audio enhancer tools allow you to separate multiple components of the entire audio track and offer full freedom to enhance and tune the track. The entire process is called a stem-splitting process makes the audio enhancing and editing processes simpler and provides top-notch audio quality. It can process audio in six different formats including MP3, OGG, WAV, AIFF, AAC, and FLAC. The AI is compatible with all UI systems from Linux, and Mac to Windows.

LALAL.AI is the best free audio enhancer tool for video creators, podcasters, and musicians that effortlessly handles complex audio tracks and enhances them with the help of stem splitting while maintaining the highest quality audio.


  • Removes unwanted background noise and music
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Free plan
  • Automatically detects vocal plosives and mic rumble and corrects them with the help of AI
  • Generates high-quality audio in six different formats


  • No plugin support


LALAL.AI is available at $15 one-time fee. The AI tool also offers a free plan with access to all basic features.

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Best AI audio enhancer for podcasters – Auphonic

Your top picks for AI-powered audio enhancer in video production.

Auphonic is a dedicated AI-powered audio enhancer tool that is purely made for podcasters and musicians. The AI tool is loaded with an impressive range of features including crosstalk removal, loudness adjustment, metadata addition, automated ducking, and multitrack algorithms. intelligent Leveler, and more.

The Intelligent Leveller is the best of the features of Auphonic that completely tweaks the audio’s elements such as bass, vocals, drums, piano, and other elements. The AI tool efficiently filters out unwanted sibilance, background sound, and mic rumbles while maintaining top-quality sound.

Auphonic is the best personal AI sound engineer for podcasters who want to fine-tune audio, remove unwanted frequencies, and improve overall audio.

Auphonic Pros

  • Process multiple tracks
  • YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify integration support
  • Efficiently filters out unwanted noise, echo, and mic rumble
  • Intelligent Leveller tweaks all elements present in the audio track
  • Free Plan


  • High learning curve


Auphonic paid plans start at $13/mo.

Best AI audio enhancer for Music Producers – LANDR

Music production powerhouse wordpress theme with AI audio enhancer capabilities.

LANDR is a premium AI audio enhancer tool designed for highly professional music producers and video creators. LANDR offers a complete package of advanced audio features and tools that entirely tweak overall audio quality.

With the help of an AI engine and machine learning algorithms, LANDR automatically identifies disrupted noise, rumbles, and unwanted frequency in the track and optimizes to the finest level. It offers tons of editing features such as streaming optimization, volume matching, and audio enhancement.

LANDR AI tool analyzes your uploaded track’s genre and style, automatically enhances and optimizes the audio track, and offers full control of customizations from loudness adjustments to style selection.

LANDR is the best AI audio enhancer tool for Music professionals who want advanced post-production music features for track enhancements and editing.


  • Masters audio track to the highest quality
  • Dedicated comparison tool- Comparing LANDR-generated output and original track
  • Offers an extensive range of customizations
  • Compatible with Web, Mobile app, and desktop.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Affordable pricing plan


  • No free plan


LANDR offers a yearly plan that starts at $19.99/year.

Best AI audio enhancer for video creators – Descript

A screen shot of a website showcasing top picks for a new way to make video and podcasts, featuring an AI audio enhancer.

Whether you are a video creator or podcaster, Descript is a great AI-powered tool that offers an all-in-one solution for audio and video editing tasks. It uses an advanced AI algorithm to analyze audio style and genre, then automatically filters out the unwanted noise, mic rumbles, and frequency.

Descript also has a one-click enhancement feature that completely tweaks the diverse elements of the audio in a single click with the help of advanced AI audio enhancement technology. It offers a wide range of features such as screen recording, audio recording, video recording, multitrack editing, and more.

Descript is the best AI tool for video creators who are looking for audio and video enhancement solutions in one place.

Descript Pros

  • Multitrack editing feature
  • One-Click ASI audio enhancement
  • Filters out background noise
  • Compatible with every device- Web, smartphone, studio and more
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free Plan


  • Slightly expensive
  • Lacks advanced features


Descript paid plans start at $15 per month.

Which is the best AI audio enhancer?

If you are looking for a professional audio enhancer with advanced post-production features then Adobe Audition is the best overall AI audio enhancer tool. It uses ML algorithms to analyze the audio track applies the necessary enhancements to the track and offers a professional-grade high-quality sound output. You can even edit multi-tracks and restore audio to the finest level.

LALAL.AI is another free AI audio enhancer tool that can effortlessly extract vocals, bass, and instruments, from the audio and further enhance it with the help of AI. The AI tool lets you process audio files in five different formats including AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and MP3.

If you want more premium options then LANDR is the best AI tool that you can look up to. It offers an extensive range of advanced AI enhancements and editing features which makes it a top contender in the AI audio enhancement tool category. However, it only has paid plans.

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