How to track an Android phone for free

Make sure to ask permission first though

How to track an Android phone for free

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Privacy is a big issue in 2022, mostly due to every man and his dog asking for smart tech users to share personal information in exchange for camera use, location services, and much more. The main point here is seeking permission from the device user, rather than stealing said information, and in some scenarios, selling it on and making a profit.

These are all very scary prospects, but rest assured there are limits and restrictions in place to make sure users are being respected for the most part. For the end-user, it’s best to know cyber security and what applications are using what. For more information about internet safety, click here.


How to track an Android phone for free

How to track an Android phone for free 2

If it’s not been made clear yet, let us make it crystal that users looking for instructions on how to track an Android phone for free need to make sure they have the phone owner/user’s permission. Obviously, making sure kids are safe and where they should be is one thing, but tracking loved ones old enough to make their own decisions can get messy fast.

We’re going to walk through some of the best ways to successfully learn how to tackle an Android phone for free in this how-to guide. Exploring all options when finding out how to track an Android phone for free leaves no stone unturned, so let’s get into it!


Use Google Maps

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Location sharing is a handy tool within Google Maps to allow users to share where they are with other Google Account holders. It’s great for shopping trips, nights out, and general exploring. Plus, it’s never been easier to ask that special someone to be your personal taxi when you’re in a bind.

However, Android phone users in question will have to have location sharing enabled and will need to select the trackers’ Google account in order to send and reveal where they are in real-time. 

Users can look at a person’s location history if they have it toggled on, but this doesn’t provide up-to-date information. However, that unruly teenager’s days are numbered if they’ve been somewhere they shouldn’t have been.


Use Google Hangouts

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Google Hangouts allows users to share their location directly. It even watches out for key phrases such as ‘Where are you?’ which prompts a location sharing suggestion. It’s handy for communicating with family and friends via your Google family setup.


Use a third party app

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If you need something more covert and trackable without getting an Android user to physically share their location (and it’s appropriate), there are plenty of options with third-party apps. For example, Avast Antivirus offers an anti-theft package that shares a device’s location and activates the front camera to take a picture of the user if needed. Whilst these features shouldn’t be used without a phone holder’s permission, it comes in handy when a user’s own handset is lost or stolen. 

Not a fan of Avast? Lookout Mobile Security is also a great choice, combining security, tracking, and Antivirus protection. Features such as recording a smartphone’s last location before its battery dies and remote erasing and backup make Lockout a great option.

Mobile network carriers also offer location service applications, including AT&Ts ‘Secure Family’ and T-Mobiles ‘FamilyWhere’ app. It may be worth checking if these services involve an extra charge on your current plan, however.

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