How To Clear Cookies On Android

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how to clear cookies on android

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When looking at how to clear cookies on Android, it’s always going to be an internet browser-based task. Cookies are bits of data created by the server of the website a user is visiting. Your browser then downloads the cookies to your device. Have you ever wondered how websites remember you, your login details, and your shopping cart? This is all thanks to Cookies, saving this kind of data so websites can provide you with a more personalized experience. 

If you surf the web quite a bit and shop around, cookies can really build up over time. Whilst they take up next to no system memory, each cookie could hold sensitive information about you that could be useful for hackers and malicious software. Learning how to clear your cookies every month or so can help prevent identity fraud and more.

How To Clear Cookies On Android

As previously mentioned, you will need to complete the following steps on your chosen web browser on your Android device. Some instructions may differ from browser to browser, but it’s more or less the same routine. For the following steps, we will be using Google Chrome on an Android 12-Powered Google Pixel.

Open Your Browser Settings

Open up Google Chrome and tap the three dots on the top-right corner of the browser, then select settings.

Select ‘Privacy and Security’

This is found under the ‘Basics’ heading

Select Which Browsing Data To Delete

Select ‘Clear Browsing Data, then hit the tick boxes of everything you’d like to clear. ‘Cookies and Site Data’ is what we need to clear for this guide. Quick tip, tapping the advanced tab allows you to clear other sensitive data such as auto-fill form data and saved passwords.

There you go, you’ve learned how to clear cookies on Android. For more handy tips and all things Android, make sure to check out and bookmark our Android Hub.

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