Pinterest Validation Error – What is it and how to fix it

Pinterest Validation Error - What is it and how to fix it 4

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Pinterest is a great way to find ideas for anything crafty in a well-presented visual format. Imagine an online cookbook or catalog with a focus on showing users what they are searching for in the first place.

If it can be made, there’s most likely a Pinterest user sharing their creations. Foodies, furniture recyclers, craft inspiration, and more creative people from almost every interest calls Pinterest home.

There are billions of users on Pinterest too, which is bound to spark someone’s inspiration in no time at all. When users find a pin they love, it can be added to their own board so they can find said pins in one spot.

How Pinterest works

The home feed is where users can find pins, people, and businesses that think alike and inspire others to create. Pinterest also learns from Pins added to a user’s board, suggesting similar Pins that may match one’s interests.

Looking for something specific? No worries, just pop what you need into the search bar. For example, if a user needs to look for Star Wars birthday ideas, just search ‘Star Wars Birthday’ for some cool ideas to get started. 

Think of pins as a bookmark or favorite in a web browser. It can be added to your board, which could be a bookmarks or favorites bar, for when you’d like to visit it again. Then, users can tap on the pin to go to the source to learn how to make or buy the item pictured. Simple, right?

Pinterest Validation Error

Pinterest Validation Error - What is it and how to fix it 1

Of course, creators can also use Pinterest to share their own pins, but sometimes there are some annoying errors preventing users from making the most out of Pinterest. The most annoying of which is the Pinterest validation error. This is affecting all kinds of Pinterest users from browsers to creators/sellers.

Whilst users are scrolling through Pinterest and pinning things to their boards, a red bar appears stating ‘Pinterest Validation Error’. For creators and sellers, this error seems to have an effect on the viewership of their pins, which in some cases directly affects business.

We’re going to go over some troubleshooting tips to help solve the Pinterest Validation error, please see below for some easy-to-follow steps to get rid of it.

Restart app – Pinterest Validation Error

Pinterest Validation Error - What is it and how to fix it 2

“Have you turned it off and on again?” is one of the most annoying pieces of advice with any form of electrical, but there’s a reason why it’s the first question out of any technician’s mouth. Restarting an app or device flushed any temporary files that may be causing conflicts or slowdowns, allowing said app or bit of tech to run with a clean slate. 

For example, having a smartphone switched on for an extended number of days may show signs of slowing down, this is due to a build-up of temporary files in the system’s random access memory (RAM). 

A quick restart will most likely improve performance and cure an error or two. Try the same with Pinterest by closing it down from the app drawer or going into Settings > Apps and force stopping the Pinterest app.

Clear cache – Pinterest Validation Error

Pinterest Validation Error - What is it and how to fix it 3

Caching is another form of saving temporary files that in theory should speed up a user’s experience. In reality, it works but it also needs clearing out every now and again as these temporary files build up, corrupt, and take up disk space.

On Android devices, tapping and holding on the app icon on the home screen or app draw will bring up a small menu. Tap ‘App Info’ or ‘i’ to go into the Pinterest app settings, then go for ‘Clear Cache’. This should also speed up the app if there were quite a few temporary files stored up, it could have also been causing conflicts that triggered the ‘Pinterest Validation Error. 

Still having issues? Read on.

Update app – Pinterest Validation Error

Pinterest Validation Error - What is it and how to fix it 5

If automatic updates aren’t enabled in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, Pinterest may be out of date which is why the ‘Pinterest validation error’ keeps popping up. 

Open up the Google Play Store if on Android or App Store if using an iPhone or iPad and search ‘Pinterest’. Once the results have populated, tap ‘Pinterest’, and an update button should appear next to the Pinterest app icon instead of ‘Download’. Tap this to update the app, if there’s still Pinterest Validation errors once updated, keep reading.

Reinstall App – Pinterest Validation Error

Pinterest validation error

Sometimes reinstalling an app or piece of Software means everything is back to default settings and rules out any user errors and settings conflicts. Users can go into their apps section under their smartphone’s settings menu, select the Pinterest app and hit ‘Uninstall’ or ‘Remove’ depending on which device is running Pinterest,

Next, following the last steps navigation, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and re-download Pinterest. This will give users a fresh start and should hopefully eliminate the Pinterest Validation Error.

If the issues still continue, we would recommend getting in touch with Pinterest directly here.

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