Missing the Google Pixel 6 back button? Learn how to bring it back here

Google's gesture controls aren't for everyone, but there's a simple way to remove them.

Pixel 6 back button

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Google Pixel devices are attempting to stand out from the Android crowd as being the only handset that houses vanilla versions of Android. People buy Google Pixel handsets because they get the latest updates and new releases first, but buying a Google handset means getting used to Google’s way of doing things.

The Pixel 6 back button is a missed feature for many with Google Pixel 5 and 6. When coming from another Android handset, Google’s gesture navigation can be jarring and uncomfortable for some. Although we would really recommend getting used to it and enjoying the intuitive flow that Google Pixel devices are known for, the Pixel 6 back button can be brought back from the dead.

How to get the Pixel 6 back button

Pixel 6 back button

Swiping left, right, and up to navigate a Google Pixel 6 isn’t to everyone’s taste, and may prefer more of an analog approach. For those who want the Pixel 6 back button back, please find the instructions below:

System Settings

Pixel 6 back button

Swipe up in the middle of your home screen to bring up the app drawer. From there, go to Settings > System and tap the 3 button navigation switch to turn on the Android standard navigation buttons.

From here, you’ll have the standard back (triangle), home (circle), and app drawer (square) buttons back in your control.


Pixel 6 back button

If you decide you’ve had enough and want to try out Google’s gesture navigation, just go to Settings > System > Gestures > System Navigation then toggle ‘Gesture Navigation’ on. We know it’s not for everyone, and a couple of members of the PCGuide team took a little while to get used to it, but it feels good once you’re used to it.

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