Are There Hashtags on Threads? No, not yet

Are there hashtags on Threads? No, not yet. Image shows hashtag sign next to Threads logo on a black background with orange bubbles

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Threads is being widely touted as a Twitter alternative due to the similarities shared by both platforms. The two platforms share a lot in common in terms of features and functionality. For example, Threads users can like posts, reply to posts, and also repost content just like it is done on Twitter. However, the similarities also highlight the differences, and lots of users have been wondering if there are hashtags on Threads. Well, are there hashtags on Threads? We’ve explained everything you need to know here in this article.

Can You Use Hashtags on Threads? Unfortunately not

The answer is no. At the moment, hashtags are not supported on Threads. Although they appear in the feeds like ordinary text, you can’t interact with them like it is done on Tweets. However, since other social media platforms owned by Meta (Instagram and Facebook) support hashtags, there is a possibility that Threads might support hashtags too sometime in the future.

Which Other Twitter Features Are Missing on Threads?

Aside from hashtags, there are some other features that are currently missing on the new platform Instagram Threads. Let’s have a look at some of them.

No Web Version

Unlike Twitter which can be accessed on a desktop, Threads is only limited to mobile. In other words, you cannot access Threads via a web browser. Although there is an official Threads website, you won’t be able to access your account as it will only redirect you to the app. You can only access the platform through the app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

No DM Option Yet

On Threads, users cannot send a direct message to other users as direct messaging isn’t supported. Therefore, users cannot send private messages to each other on the platform.

Unlike Twitter, where users can enable a chronological feed, Threads doesn’t offer such. Instead, the feed is generated randomly. Additionally, there is a lack of a trending topics feature on Threads, and users have to rely on the algorithm to provide them with content.

Can’t Edit Published Posts

Once a post has been published on Threads, you cannot edit it. The only option you have is to delete the post or create a new post.

Final Thoughts

Meta has undoubtedly launched a great social media platform with lots of exciting features. We do believe these missing features on the platform, such as hashtags, will be added soon. The Threads app is available to download on iOS and Android devices now, and users can easily log in using their Instagram account details. As the app grows in popularity, it is hoped that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg will enable sign-ups from non-Instagram users to the platform to further expand the user base of Threads.

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