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DALL-E 2 price

AI applications have a cost - but how much?
Last Updated on August 11, 2023
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DALL-E 2 is another browser-based AI system developed by the Chat GPT developers, Open AI. It is capable of creating images by processing human-written text input. But does it do that for free, or does it charge you? If so, how much would the DALL-E2’s price be?

Don’t worry, as we have got it covered for you. Read below will let you know how much this browser-based AI system will cost.

How much does DALL-E 2 cost?

DALL-E 2 was in beta, having been announced in July 2022. But its arrival seems to have ben rolled out to the main DALL-E application, with a shift to the pricing of DALL-E use.

With most software or applications you need to buy for various amounts of use, they have some specific packages that you can acquire by paying further.

However, DALL-E isn’t like them; the account registration is free. Moreover, it offers 50 initial monthly credits that you can use for image creation.

Once you have consumed all your credits, each next month you will then have free 15 free credits refilled instead of 50 credits. Otherwise, you can pay simultaneously to purchase even more credits to avoid worrying about running out.

You can use these free credits differently depending upon the type of picture resolution output you desire. So, yes, the price will vary depending on the resolution type. The higher the resolution you want for your picture, the higher the credit cost will be.

Currently, DALL-E charges $0.02 (USD) for an image that you need to have a pixel resolution of 1024 x 1024. Meanwhile, an image with a pixel resolution of 512 x 512 is set at a price of $0.018. Lastly, a picture with 256 x 256-pixel resolution will cost $0.016 in total.

Some users claim that using DALL-E 2 may mean the service gets more expensive. However, it will need to provide some additional new and fancy features – especially considering what AI could do in the future.

Whether it is more expensive than DALL-E or not, one thing is likely: as development continues, it will become more enhanced and capable of helping humans better.


Since each pixel resolution has its impact on DALL-E pricing, it is up to you to decide which resolution is best suited to your needs. Choose wisely, as you will utilize your credits to generate a usable picture.

For example, some users claim it takes 15 credits to create one worthy 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution image. Therefore, it may not always be cheap to use the DALL-E AI system. We expect the DALL-E 2 price structure is the same as the current DALL-E price – given the new iteration appears to be a feature update rather than a separate application.

However, we’ll be keeping an eye on all new information as it arrives.

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